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Opinions on Quadrobics?
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RE: Opinions on Quadrobics?

(2023-02-26 0:05)eeddiitt444 Wrote:  There’s nothing wrong with Quadrobics (quads) on its own. It can be tons of fun and its an excellent source of exercise for people who are able to preform it, what is wrong is when people who’ve been misled spread the misinformation that being a therian is solely about doing quadrobics.

I myself do quadrobics, or used to at least (I haven’t been feeling the best physically recently so thats why,) and I actually found out about therianthropy because of quadrobic TikTok videos a couple of years back. But i did my own research and found out what therianthropy really is, and confirmed that i am a therian, and that i also like to do quads.

On tiktok, quads is trending amongst therians. You cant look for therian videos on tiktok without having tons of quadrobics videos dumped on you. Which would be okay, but people who are curious about therians only see the quads videos, and they assume thats all there is to it. That’s also partially why some people think you can just “become” or choose to be a therian. You cant.

Therianthropy =/ quadrobics

Dont get me wrong of course, like i said, i enjoy quadrobics a lot !! It can be great for your body, (if you’re safe about it and doing it properly), and me personally, i would rather do quads for fitness rather than other types of exercise. It also can connect some people (like myself) with their theriotype(s), and its just alot of fun overall. However, it can definitely be hard for therians on TikTok who physically can’t do quads. (Now i cant speak for anyone else, but I’ve heard from multiple therians who cant do quadrobics that it feels like they’re excluded in a way, and i can only imagine that some of those people have been told they arnt real therians because they dont do quads.)

This isn’t exactly related to quads, but theres also the misconception that you cant be a therian without a mask/ some type of gear, and this is of course incorrect. Gear is just for fun/ self expression for many therians, and while most therians do have some form of gear, there are some therians who dont want any, and that’s totally cool too !! Its up to the individual to decide if they want gear or not.

So to sum it all up, quads doesn’t equal being a therian, and gear doesn’t equal being a therian either. Both can be fun and a way of expressing your therianthropy, but is in no way required whatsoever.

I 100% agree

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2023-02-26 0:26
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