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You really have to follow these instructions! Instructions will update as you progress.

If you wish to post on, or access most of the content of our forum and our community, please click here to register first, then follow the instructions below. If you have already registered, please log in, in the above "Hello There, Guest!" box.

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Rules to be followed.

On Therian-Guide forums we expect the best of everyone behavior to keep this website a calm and friendly place for our members. Violation of the rules will result in warnings or a ban. You are responsible for your behavior. Breaking the rules WILL NOT be tolerated here. This is a private forum community and was created to keep out people who are not serious about therianthopy and we intend to keep it that way. Help keep this place a drama free zone! Thank you, ~Euipoi

If you are having trouble understanding the rules, see this thread: Explaining the Community Rules of Conduct!

I. Joining Credentials
  • 1. You must be at least 13 years of age to join.
  • 2. You consider yourself a Therian and are serious about it, or are not a Therian but still take Therianthropy seriously.
  • 3. You have good intentions in joining the private community and promise to benefit yourself and the forum to the best of your ability.
  • 4. Members of the forum are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, honest and respectful manner.

II. Behavior
  • 1. Cursing must be limited and not directed at an individual.
  • 2. Discussions involving politics are not allowed anywhere on TG. You may vent about politics as it affects your life in the Life issues & Support forum.
  • 3. Keep discussions and debates civil. Understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  • 4. Don't be a Negative Nancy, smile and have fun.
  • 5. Please be kind to one another. State your opinions politely and treat each other with respect.
  • 6. Harassment is not tolerated, you will be warned. Continuous harassment will lead you to being banned.
  • 7. Keep posts under the right topics.
  • 8. Only one account per person. You are not allowed to share your account to other people, if they want in they have to sign up for their own accounts. You are also forbidden from creating more than one account for your own use (except temporarily when allowed by a staff member to recover a lost account). When speaking, do not suffix alter names. Speak as you would normally in real life, when meeting a stranger.
  • 9. Do not abuse the reputation points, Rep points are to be given to show thanks to a member who has helped you in some way!
  • 10. You may not copy what people say on this forum to other websites without their permission! Content posted on the forums is the property of the respective authors and may not be distributed outside the forums as text, screenshot, or any other form, without the author's permission.
  • 11. Inappropriate Conversations as (or with) a minor is Unacceptable.
  • 12. To change your username, make a thread in the Write to TG Staff forum. You may only change your username 2 times a year.
  • 13. We expect confidentiality from all of our members. Keep on-site issues on-site and don't go elsewhere and write demeaning, slanderous things about the site. Doing so will lead to you being banned.
  • 14. Excessive roleplay and senselessness will not be tolerated.
  • 15. Do not flood the Shoutbox, leaving other members ignored. If you want to have a conversation with somebody Private Shout to them or PM them. Otherwise, everybody in the Shoutbox should be included in conversation.
  • 16. Anyone under 18 involved in "sexting" (exchanging explicit photos or videos) another member will be banned until their 18th birthday. It goes without saying: Older member sexting with underage members will be permbanned immediately.
  • 17. If you wish to advertise your website, forum, chat server, social media, or other personal online community, you must contact staff for approval.
  • 18. If a staff member instructs you to do or not do something, you must follow their advice. If you believe the staff member is wrong or biased or should be ignored for any reason, follow their instructions first! And then file a complaint with a different staff member. DO NOT ignore staff instructions while waiting for an answer. Failure to follow staff instructions will lead to a ban.
  • 19. Do not post offtopic memes into the shoutbox or on the general chats in Discord. Links, youtubes and pictures are only allowed if they are relevant to the conversation. Use the discord #memes room for the rest.
  • 20. Claiming that you have p-shifted or claiming to have a recipe to enable one to p-shift is not allowed. See this thread for details.
  • 21. Advertising for, soliciting for, and advice on how to create packs is not allowed. Talking about your pack is discouraged. Discussions regarding one's experience in, opinion of, or conversation about packs in general are allowed.
  • 22. For discussing sexual topics involving your theriotypes, see this post. In short: Debates on the subject of consent are not allowed, neither is discussion of sexual acts. Otherwise we would prefer the subject not be considered taboo.
  • 23. Pups (users under 16 years old) are not allowed to discuss romantic relationships (whether with other members or in their IRL lives) anywhere on TG. Violating this rule will lead to warnings and eventually bans.

III. Graphics
  • 1. Your images should not contain pornography, sexually explicit or extreme acts of violence.
  • 2. Your images must be good quality, we want to keep our boards looking good.

IV. Note
  • 1. The spirit of the rules will always overrule the literal wording.
  • 2. No forum has ever been, nor will be perfect. We can not please everyone. If you are not pleased with the site "as is" you have an option to leave.