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  Online harrassment/bullying and the therian community.
Posted by: LycanTheory - 2021-06-30 16:51 - Replies (7)

Hey everyone,

I'm not sure how many folks know of the recent news regarding what happened to a legendary gaming developer named Near/Byuu. Essentially, they were doxxed, harrassed and bullied to the point of committing suicide by a notorious hate forum full of the internet's most vile people.

If anyone would like to read the last words of Near, they can be found here. I typically am against CW/TW type stuff but proceed to that link with caution. Those words resonated with me deeply and it hurts to know that someone else knew a similar pain. It hurts to know that it swallowed someone whole.

The reason for this announcement is because I have observed a similar culture forming in the therian and otherkin community as the one which lead Near to take their own life. Unironically, the largest bullies in our community are also a part of Kiwifarms, they do engage in doxxing and harrassment and they support and enable the harmful, sometimes fatal, mistreatment of others.

Our community is composed of so very many individuals who are sensetive, who've lived through abuse, hatred, neglect, abandonment and we really don't need to let a type of culture ferment which enables and encourages mistreating others "for the lolz" or for any other reason. We must stand tall, in unison, and draw a very clear line in the sand.

Hate has no home, here and neither do those that perpetuate or enable it.

It can be frightening, standing up to hate or intolerance. Malicious people will always try to coerce or intimidate you onto their side, their bandwagon. "Join us or you'll be the next victim" is the mentality often fostered. Don't ever think that's your only option, don't ever feel like you're all alone in wanting to be a good person and treat others well. Stand on the side of love, compassion, understanding and acceptance. We're the stronger side and we're going to win.

For Near, for you and all your friends, for our entire community. For everyone who's ever been treated like crap for being different.

Stand tall, stand proud, stand together and stop the hate, stop the harrassment and stop anyone else from becoming a victim.

Be kind to others, you might just be a hero for it.


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  Help me keep TG working
Posted by: DustWolf - 2021-06-20 10:37 - No Replies

Hey all,

I've reset the stock of the TG support token in our points store:

As you know, donations to TG go towards a budget used to pay for things like donations to nonprofits working on helping animals, and getting you guys merch and stuff like that. What the budget is spent on is determined by you: The items you get in our points store direct what the funds are used for.

We normally don't use the budget to pay for our expenses like hosting, etc, because we want you to be in complete control of the funds. It is the TG support tokens that will direct budget funds towards those expenses.

The tokens just cost points and all you have to do to get points is post on our forum. Smile

I realise in these times, there isn't really a whole lot of money floating around, but it is likewise the same for me. If you could get some of those tokens it would be much appreciated. Heart

If all 20 are brought within this year, I will put in the work on getting TG into a newer and faster server (HTTP/2).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by replying in this thread, or asking elsewhere at your convenience.


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  The calm
Posted by: DustWolf - 2021-05-25 18:47 - No Replies

Hey all,

We haven't posted an announcement in a while and I just wanted to say we are still around.

We understand that circumstances we all live in right now mean that we my have to be less active online or that when you are, you just need some very specific thing from the community.

We are trying not to make anyone uncomfortable by making any heavy changes in this time.

We basically just want to be there for you for whatever you may need. Many of you have accounts here already and you are welcome to log in again and just ask -- we will try to help. We don't hold grudges, so if you feel you can talk to us we love you back.

Or if you need someone to talk to, our Discord still has many active people to talk to in all age groups. We've been keeping a low profile a bit since life is hard enough by itself and we don't need drama to make it worse, but we're all still here.


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Posted by: DustWolf - 2021-03-04 17:42 - Replies (6)

Hey guys,

This is just a technical update. I wanted to let you know that TG will be offline for up to an hour while we do some maintenance. I haven't decided when this will be yet, but I'm thinking saturday morning (CET) when you are all asleep.

I expect chat may be quirky for a while when the website is back up.

Furthermore, I'd like to let you know that our Minecraft server is getting an overhaul. That is, it stays exactly the same as it already is, just perhaps a little faster. But it will be down over the weekend while we do maintenance on it.

I promise to make backups and all so that nothing can go wrong.

Thanks for reading.


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  The "Were Are We" Pawdcast! Happy holidays
Posted by: Zefer Nezumi - 2020-12-22 4:59 - No Replies


Sneppurrsode 7 is out now, on Podbean and a few other platforms!

Many thanks to the various members of the community who submitted audio messages for this episode! The TG link is here but we solicited members from all around the community, because hey - community building is the goal of the podcast!

We're hoping hearing therians from all over wishing the community well brings some warmth to your heart this howlyday season!

Hopefully this helps give our community a strong voice in something clear; if we work together, we can accomplish something pretty darned cool! ^^

Cohosts: @BearX @BlackPaws @Blayz @bluewolf2011 @Stormdancer @TigerAcolyte

Special shout-out to @Silverheart for being brave enough to work on an intro song for us! We're hoping to get music from the community soon, and this purrsonal touch is awesome!

- ZN

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