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  Creative "Unity" Project
Posted by: TigerAcolyte - 2020-10-01 3:03 - Replies (7)

The time is now

"We are all part of Therian Guide. We may diverge in our opinions and lines of thought like our avatars are diverged into color groups in the photomosaic, but we are all collectively what makes TG what it is. We are all in this together regardless of differences"

[Image: MPy7lJ9.jpg]
(link to full-size image)

Let this photomosaic not be a stagnant image, but an ever-changing homage to TG and its community as new faces arrive. In a new thread, I will be updating this image every month with the new arrivals.


And to those that contributed....

[Image: NjY3PfY.jpg]

@Blayz @OakLeaf @NzBengalTiger @Sana @GhostofSolitude @arcticwolf2001 @Kyra @Atlantis @Zefer Nezumi @Talarp @Saorise Fiain @Lizard @RuffledGryphon @Vintage @little wolf @Etna @PinkDolphin

I appreciate your contributions.


If you are unsure as to which image represents you and wish to know, please message me and I will either point the picture out or send the image that was used to represent you. If you would like to change your image, please let me know.

If we can get over 50 contributions (10% of the individuals represented), I will look into making a larger version where details can be more easily appreciated in each tile.


Never forget: we may disagree and even argue, but we are together here.

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  Be Were: Watch for Sketchy Behavior!
Posted by: Zefer Nezumi - 2020-08-28 17:09 - No Replies

Howldy, folks!

It is with utmost importance that I warn you that... Sketchtember begins next Tuesday...

Expect sketchy behavior in abundance!

Click here for the thread but no cheating yet! ... er, I mean, no cheating!

Submit your art, suggested prompts, questions and the like to that thread. Not here. No, stop. Stop asking here. STAHP IT! XP

I realize that there's a wide skill range here at TG. Rest assured - if you purrticipate, we'll do our best to support and encourage, no matter what you're capable of. The intention, as always, is to get people practicing new skills, refining old ones, and generally having a fun time.

Participants will be awarded 10 points per day of contributions, up to a total of 300 points (if you submit at least one thing a day for the entire month of September!).

This year, we've got a few purrojects that are sort of being tied in to Sketchtember, so hopefully it'll be a grrrreat oppurrtunity for some of you to tap into your more imaginative or expressive bits!

It's purrfect timing for us to make a new push on the The Creative Unity Project! Try to draw, paint or otherwise represent your theriotype in a way that can be added to a larger collage, in hopes of making something beautiful that literally shows we're all part of a bigger picture! Check the thread for more details!

With the VA, CO and PNW Howls canceled for this year, several of us are working on a digital Howl! We're picking each others' brains and working to provide an experience that matches the in-person Howls best we can. More details will come later, but @LycanTheory would like for us to come up with some kind of logo for the Howl, so here's a supurr-secret contest thingy.

What better time to work on something like a logo than when we've got Sketchtember starting soon, and we already have a relevant project underway. Talk about getting some bang for your buck!

I think it's critical, with everything that's going on in the world (seriously, 2020 needs to chill!) that we all work together to keep each other grounded, positive, challenged in good ways, seeking self-improvement, and working together toward a better future.

I realize these creativity projects aren't for everyone, but maybe they'll help spark some ideas for you all to try other things with your friends and family, as well!

The only ask I have? If these purrojects excite you, make sure you don't burn yourself out, either! Pace yourself, challenge yourself, and have fun.

It's in these trying times that we have the most opportunity for growth, I think.

At any rate, enjoy! Now, go create!

(Unless it's for Sketchtember. You have to wait until Tuesday for that. No cheating! And... yes, I already broke my own rule with the logo submission ha ha ha!)

- ZN

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  Search changes
Posted by: DustWolf - 2020-08-14 13:50 - Replies (2)

Hey guys,

I've been chewing on the forum's search functionality.

We're trying out the change, that clicking on the forum logo no longer displays all new posts, rather just the ones related to Therianthropy. The idea is to help promote threads actually on the topic of Therianthropy and not all the various off-topic stuff.

You can still get all today's new posts by clicking on "All Latest Posts". If you're only interested in the introductions, you can click on "Latest Introductions" and it will only search those.

I've also added an improvement which works on modern browsers (Chrome): Once you are viewing search results, you can simply refresh the page (pull down on mobile) and it will repeat the search giving you new results.

This is for everyone sitting around refreshing the forum waiting for new posts. It's not just me is it? Tongue


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  TG budget supercharge
Posted by: DustWolf - 2020-08-06 21:00 - No Replies

Hey guys,

As mentioned in our plans, me, @LycanTheory and others on staff have supercharged the TG budget with a bunch of funds! We now got over 300 €. Smile

You can check the current state of the budget here.

As a result, items in our points store cost less than they ever have. Check them out:

You can plant a bunch of trees for just 200 forum points! Or support an animal charity for just 700 forum points.

We also added a bunch of new charities working in the area of prevention of cruelty to animals:

We encourage you to spend your points on them, so that TG can do it's part to help prevent abuse of animals in the world.

But of course the charm of the system is that you can use them on whatever you want. Wink You control what TG spends it's money on.

EDIT: I've added a little description of how the points store works here:


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Posted by: DustWolf - 2020-08-04 17:12 - Replies (3)

Hey everyone,

We know everybody's busy with life right now, but we got some things planned that just might get you to come spend some extra time with us. Smile

First I'd like to inform you of @Zefer Nezumi's new podcast: Were are we, published on podbean. The name is naturally one of Zefer's famed puns. The podcast is joined by Therians outside of TG and aims, as the title says, to ask the question: Where the Therian community is and where it is going in the future.

As you know, TG is working with scientists to help push the boundaries of what we currently understand of Therianthropy. Besides the surveys and interviews we have with them (which you can join!), we also encourage debate among our members in our many threads on the subject of Therianthropy.

Because we can, we are also preparing a donation drive, in which we will be donating to organisations working on preventing cruelty to animals. Deciding which organisation will get what amount of funds will be up to you! You'll be directing the funds with the donation tokens available in our points store.

The most active users of the forums get the most points. Every sensible post counts and the really good ones count extra!

Right now we are still collecting suggestions, however when the donation drive starts, me and @LycanTheory will put in a bunch of funds to the budget, which will make it very easy to get items from the points store for a little while. Smile Be sure you have enough points by then! Wink

Also on the horizon is that we will be dropping our ban on the subject of p-shifting. Even though p-shifting debates haven't exactly been useful so far, we have to acknowledge that each of us on the staff have been involved in p-shifting discussions when we were younger. It would be unfair to prevent the younger generation of therians from experiencing this.

Debates will still be monitored to prevent people from getting hurt, but it will no longer be against the rules.

We've been reaching out to other Therian communities and making friends, because we recognise that making the world a better place for Therians is something that we can only do together.

Thank you for staying with us and helping us make Therian Guide a home for all Therians. Heart


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