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  RE: March 2023 Mewsletter
Posted by: Observant Demon - Yesterday 16:32

(2023-03-18 23:05)Saoirse Fiain Wrote:  Looks like I have a bit of cat-ching up to do on the podcast, huh.

Well, now is the purr-fect opportunity, eh?

  RE: March 2023 Mewsletter
Posted by: Saoirse Fiain - 2023-03-18 23:05

(2023-03-18 15:44)Zefer Nezumi Wrote:  * Zefer Nezumi boops your snoot before running away!


Looks like I have a bit of cat-ching up to do on the podcast, huh.

  March 2023 Mewsletter
Posted by: Zefer Nezumi - 2023-03-18 15:44

Howldy, folks!

The TG Staff Team has some commewnity news, upcoming events, site changes, and tips and tricks to share!

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Upcoming Events

For now, most of what's on our radar has to do with Howls, or in-purrson meetups (usually camping trips!) that are several days long.

Some of these may not be accessible to some members due to age or transportation restrictions - sorry about that! - but for those who meet age requirements and can travel, give these a look-see if you might wanna try to attend!

Howl Notifications As Of 3/18/2023

Spring 2023, Illinois (USA)

Summer 2023, Pacific NorthWest (USA)

Fall 2023, Virginia (USA)

TBD - Alberta Howl (Canada)

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Forum Tips & Tricks!

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Head to your favorite subforum, and just below the "New Thread" button, you should see this linkamajig!

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(How 'bout those famcy art skills?!)

If you click that, you'll get notifications whenever a new thread is added to that subforum! You can manage your Forum Subscriptions here, and your Thread-Specific Subscriptions here!

You can also toggle some settings for whether you get an on-site notification or e-mail as a notification style once the threads or subforums on those pages receive updates!

Suggested Subscriptions

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Upcoming Changes to the Meet the Staff Page

There seems to be ongoing confusion about who members should reach out to with questions about site problems, conflict resolution, or other things. The staff team has discussed some ways to help with this and one of them is to revamp the Meet the Staff page!

We're going to include basic information about what each staff level is usually focused on (Mods/ Super Mods/ Admin) and which group it makes sense to go to when a purroblem pops up! We're hoping to get this update out soon and just wanted to give you all advance notice.

We hope this helps people see the staff team as more of a team, and to also help some staff members not feel overloaded by members always going to them first while other staffers feel like nobody is coming to them for help!

WereAreWe Pawdcast Update

For critters who like to tune in to the WereAreWe Pawdcast, you can check out our new sneppurrsode here as well as on YouTube and various other places!

Even if you don't like to listen to the podcast, you can still reach out to the crew (including BearX and myself from the TG staff team) to suggest community news, let us know about Howls or events, and other similar things!

We hope to help support and purrmote community efforts and that can't happen without members making us awere of the things that need to be shared! XP

Forum members can also subscribe to this thread for podcast updates or to give direct feedback, suggestions or to bring our attention to community stuff we might wanna talk about!

Last but not least, something that needs to be addressed immediately...

- ZN

  RE: Satisfying animal needs
Posted by: TheOneOfRoyalty - 2023-03-17 18:54

The one I experience the most is the need/want to tear into or bite things. If I don't have fabric or something like that I often find myself chewing on my knuckles. Another would be running/hiking or stalking through woods and such, climbing anything and everything(trees because that's in my area) or rolling down surfaces.
Something I notice I do that Ethiopian wolves do(which is why I've been questioning them), is when they're hunting they kind of have their hind legs perched/hunched for better jumps. That's a terrible explanation, but the urge to do that is amazing so I often find myself jumping in some way shape or form, or doing that position in the morning and such.
I also hold my mouth open a lot, typically when I'm yawning, but also just for hte heck of it and such.

  RE: Satisfying animal needs
Posted by: Baskers - 2023-03-16 21:34

With exploring, I have a need to touch, smell or taste things. Scoping out nice areas to relax somewhere, or just investigating things in general, requires me to be tactile with my surroundings. I like to drag my hands over things, disturb the soil, smell the ground, rocks, or trees, things like that. I am endlessly entertained by pulling apart decayed fallen trees too.

Being able to roll around in the dirt and dust is another thing I feel I have to do. Dust baths are something I always very much want to do, and I think about it not infrequently. I also love pulling at some grass types and chewing them. Some weed grasses that grow where I live, when they're ripe, oddily they taste like cucumber or celery.

Basking is a big thing for me, and mentally I benefit a lot from doing it. Although I realise humans benefit from being under the sun anyway. That said I don't really see myself having the same attitude towards catching rays like regular folk seem to. I'm attracted to basking on rocks or otherwise tough ground because I know it'll be warm.

I also very much need to have my own space. I know myself to get overly irritable about intrustion, regardless of whether or not that itself is therian related, I respond animalistically by trying to revert my spaces smell to what it should be. If I don't do that, I don't feel right. Deer No

  RE: "Dog" as a gender
Posted by: TherianRose - 2023-03-16 20:30

To me, your theriotype is your species - dragon, tiger, wolf, rabbit, etc - and your gender, while potentially influenced by that, is best treated as separate in most instances to avoid misunderstandings.

In my case, my theriotype has "gender" roles (although gender is arguably a human concept and the more accurate phrasing may be sex roles), due to physiology as WT mentioned. Therefore my identity is a female wolf. Among species that don't experience gender roles and/or sex differences, it would make sense to me for someone of that species to call themselves non-binary or agender. I guess what I'm saying is that I think there are enough species/gender terms that can be combined to express a range of experiences, without the need to overlap them as much as doggender would.

Another label I've seen coming into popularity on Reddit is trans-species. I consider myself to be a wolf, so I don't choose to label myself as such, but I can understand how the analogy could be useful with those outside the community.

  RE: "Dog" as a gender
Posted by: zStormz - 2023-03-16 19:07

(2023-03-15 5:01)SpookedGlisten Wrote:  

(2023-02-17 2:45)zStormz Wrote:  

(2020-09-29 15:52)SpookedGlisten Wrote:  

(2020-08-18 11:47)gargoyle Wrote:  While I agree that "dog" (or any kintype) isn't a gender, I heard some people explain it as "my kintype influences my gender", and that's why they use terms like "doggender" (I don't know if that term actually exists). I personally can't relate to that, and my kintypes don't really affect my gender, but I can see how those terms could be helpful for some people.

I'm not sure, but I've seen the "deergender"/"fawngender" flag. And apparently someone made an Otherkin pride flag...?

Okay, look and listen for a second. I am a wolf therian. I am also a transgender demiboy. DO those two connect in any way? NO. Was I a male wolf? I don't know, but I probably was. But my theriotype has no bearing on my gender whatsoever, much less identify my gender as that. If I go to a Pride Parade, I'm going to wear my collar, and possibly wear my tail, but I'm not going to wave an otherkin "pride flag" because IT IS NOT MY OR ANY ACTUAL GENDER and is NOT RELATED TO ME BEING PAN OR TRANS.

I don't know why this shait exists, honestly. It confuses everyone and makes us seem like special snowflakes because a few people identify as "demiqueer demisexual aromantic pansexual genderfluid gendervoid faekin/plantkin and I use flick/flicks/flickself pronouns" (and yes I have seen that before)

Just stop. Please. Before I ship myself a one-way ticket to Saturn.

As someone who uses rat/rats
First of all, gender as a whole was made up by humans, it’s a concept, not a fact. Now that that’s out of the way,
It creates the same gender euphoria as other pronouns, if not more, as my species is part of my gender identity, I am a rat. I am gender-fluid due to not feeling particularly comfortable with the human made concept of gender itself, so my usage of it fluctuates as it suits me to be comfortable. but something I always am, is a rat. And this gives people a concrete pronoun set to always use that keeps me comfortable (when I don’t update my status w the ones I’m using)
It’s not bc I want to feel “special” it’s because it makes me comfortable.
So no, I will not stop being my true self because others can not comprehend it, and I will not be ashamed of my identity.

Shit i forgot i even wrote that... I'm really sorry for saying those things, I support you 100%

I actually feel the same way about my gender now- Im wolf and dragon therian and it actually influences my personality and gender expression a lot, and im questioning rock neopronouns.

Never be ashamed for being yourself, and again I apologize for my ignorant words. <3

All good, learning and improving on past poor behaviors is what makes us better beings. Glad you are able to accept.

  RE: Satisfying animal needs
Posted by: TherianRose - 2023-03-16 14:25

As a wolf therian, I relate a lot to what's been mentioned here - notably the urge to explore and wander when out & about, as well as a keen awareness of social standings. It makes me uncomfortable when I can't tell how someone feels about me, but thankfully I usually read people fairly well. I haven't really thought of those traits as stemming from my wolf nature, just as odd human quirks, but it makes much more sense now that I consider it that way.

One particular thing I've tried to describe to friends is how when I'm in the woods, paths and trails almost "highlight" themselves to me. I just have this...sense of where I want to go, I guess, even if it's not a trail in the human sense of the word. Maybe some of you can relate to that?

Other overarching wolf needs or traits I've encountered include being possessive over my food, experiencing a heightened sense of empathy, forming very strong family/social bonds, and needing to play or burn off excess energy. I also have more everyday wolf experiences such as wagging when I'm happy or excited and the urge to bite/chew - particularly my partner when we're cuddling or playing Licks Chops

  RE: Satisfying animal needs
Posted by: CrystalAvian - 2023-03-16 9:16

Yep, there's lots of animal needs I have that I tend to have. Blayz mentioned that he's always aware of where he stands socially, almost in a hierarchal way, and I've realised I might subconsciously do a similar thing with lots of people. (notably my friend group.) Generally, I'm social, but prefer to stick to the side, and not be the centre of everything. Sticking to the edge of the pack or the flock, I suppose.

I also get annoyed whenever things have been disturbed by people in 'my' territory. Again, a little bit problematic since I obviously don't own anything and no-ones actually done anything wrong.

other urges and needs I have are chewing constantly, collecting all manner of shiny things and trinkets, being up in high places and climbing, etc :]

  RE: Advice for younger/newer therians
Posted by: Eleu - 2023-03-15 13:45

I think this post is very good, it can help the one that are "Oh-yeah-it's-a-trend-on-tiktok-I-saw-and-I-am-now-a-therian".
This community is really nice and cheerful.
I think we can add that, no, you don't need to know your theriotype. Like, you can be a full category, you can be many, can change, can be an extinct specie, or even a non-existing specie (otherkin). You can even be an insect, so there's no rush to discover your theriotype(s).