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Wink Psychological Therian Theory (Introjection)
Posted by: Kitzal - Yesterday 20:40

I believe a potential explanation for psychological therians may be related to the concept of introjection. Introjection is the psychological term for when people subconsciously adopt habits, ideas, opinions, ect. from others. A common example is how children will introject their parents' ideals. Introjection is thought to be a common coping mechanism in those who are psychologically healthy.

One thing that made me relate this to therianthropy was how introjection presents differently in those with structural dissociation of the personality. Of course, in these cases, the severity of the introjection becomes pathological, which makes it noticeably different from therianthropy. However, I believe this serves as an example of how deeply introjection can affect the mind; in a dissociated personality, introjection can lead to altered identities "based on" people, animals, ect.

So if something like that can occur, then I believe it makes sense for something a bit similar to happen, though on a healthier scale, leading to therianthropy. This somewhat ties into the imprinting theory. The child imprints on a certain animal and introjects traits from it; it turns into their primary coping mechanism, so it develops further than simply accumulating a few characteristics.

  RE: Why I think people are therians (opinion)
Posted by: Lynx26 - 2022-01-05 15:13

I do like your explanation, and in all the dreams I remember having I was at least some form of animal (sometimes in an anthro form for more interactive dreams) but I don’t think I have any past life memories etc? So? I do consider myself a ’mix’ therian though (both psychological and spiritual)

  RE: Why I think people are therians (opinion)
Posted by: Ollie - 2022-01-04 18:04

Well, what i think is that some people have a strong connection with their past lives, its fine if you dont have a animal pastlife, you dont need a animal past life to be a therian,or any. Its just what ive found out about myself and friends.

  RE: Why I think people are therians (opinion)
Posted by: d0ggie_dr00l - 2022-01-04 16:33

yeah i dont really think about the past lives thing cause it kinda scares my not gonna lie. like, how could my past wolfdog self affect my human self i just find it confusing XD. yeah im wondering the same thing with Melonwolf, me being a psychological therian?

  RE: Why I think people are therians (opinion)
Posted by: melonwolf - 2022-01-04 15:46

What about purely psychological therians? My major past lives were both human.

  RE: Why I think people are therians (opinion)
Posted by: Ollie - 2022-01-03 18:51

You are totally correct. That is a really good point

  RE: Why I think people are therians (opinion)
Posted by: Pushy zver - 2022-01-03 18:37

Even so, such people consider themselves human. That’s the difference.

  Why I think people are therians (opinion)
Posted by: Ollie - 2022-01-03 17:59

What I beleive is that it has to do with past lives. A lot of people have dreams or thoughts of their past lives, and for therians,they were animals. I know there has been a lot of contraversy with therians,and there have been bullying and hate crimes about them.

Now, with past lives there are people who are "new souls" also known as people who havent had a past life. I beleive those people can be therians. Really its just about people who have a strong connection to animals/ specific animals.

If you are a therian but in dinial because there is a lot of contraversy, dont care what other people think. Please be yourself.There are people who understand what your going through. Please dont be ashamed of what you are or what your interested in.

  RE: Integrity of Community
Posted by: Jadeeyedwere - 2021-12-13 1:46

As cliche as it sounds, they are honestly jealous of TG's success. They only wish they had something as great but they know they can never compare. I hate that they're going after the younger generation, it's sad that some of these people are adults and choosing to go after the youngens. I can't speak for everyone but I will certainly do my part in trying to protect the youngsters of our community without doing harm. My DMs are open to anyone who needs a punching bag, I can lend an ear to anyone who wants someone to listen, I will be a shoulder to cry on if someone needs comfort. Minor or adult, I'm here for anyone who needs it.