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  RE: What does ‘ doing research ‘ mean to you ?
Posted by: Syraphin Faelad - Today 9:38

I think the your description was simple and to the point.

Self analyse to work out what makes you different, behaviours nd feelings that aren't human. Research different animals or myths to narrow it down.
I think it'd also important to keep re analysing, you grow and develop. What you though you were first may not be how you end up.

  RE: What does ‘ doing research ‘ mean to you ?
Posted by: Lupus Ferox - 2021-09-22 13:36

Tough question.

Years of struggle = the first thing that comes to mind.
1 Observation. Looking at oneself from the outside in. Ask yourself the question: if you were allowed to one day meet yourself in the flesh, what would your first impression be?
2 Analysis. What did I just experience? Does it match with either human behavior rather than an animal's? What animal would that be? I always thought of myself as someone who had an efficient memory. It definitely comes in handy when you analyze and look for patterns in your behavior.
While it is best to keep an open mind, it's also a question of being honest and real to yourself. Don't expect everything to be an animal experience, because that's just wishful thinking. Ask yourself whether humans can experience it, too.
3 Put it to the test. Compare. Meet other therians with a similar theriotype. People who are experienced, and that's not just the pun at play here, are often the best role-models.

And those points aside, I must say that even that won't suffice in your journey. There are no guidelines. Identity is a vague construct of the mind. Looking from afar, even identity can be used as a way to shove people into boxes. Think broadly. Remain honest to yourself and don't think one experience that is animal-like will define you. After all, human beings are mammals, too, and therefore, exhibit traits that can be found in other animals as well.

  RE: Therian and otherkin
Posted by: that-one-err0r - 2021-09-21 19:12

I've been apart of this community for over five years and even then I'm not 100% sure that this is me. Will it change ever? Maybe. But for now this is what I am and it makes me comfortable being like this right now. Overall, I agree that it's different for everyone. People go through their own journeys at different paces. And that's ok. Smile

  RE: Therian and otherkin
Posted by: runaway..maka - 2021-09-21 0:47

Exactly, it took me a year to fully discover myself and i'm much happier now

  RE: Therian and otherkin
Posted by: Cordyceps Canine - 2021-09-19 1:24

There indeed are. And maybe that's the simple answer to it. Some people hold spiritual believes. Others mental opinions. And each vary from therian to therian.

There might not be a big reason behind the existence of therians and otherkin. There are tons of reasons they are who they are.

  RE: Scroll through TG with feeds :)
Posted by: ScarletMidnight - 2021-09-17 16:01

Wow this is a really great idea im sure many people will use this day to day.

  RE: Therian Amino
Posted by: ScarletMidnight - 2021-09-17 2:20

Im so sorry to hear that im sure it has caused you massive disappointment I will definitely not be interested in amino in any way and I will warn my other therian friends to not visit the site thank you letting all of us know sincerely Scarlet

  RE: What does ‘ doing research ‘ mean to you ?
Posted by: Bubbles - 2021-09-16 18:02

Looking on the internet, asking around, being curious overrall.

Then again, curiosity killed the cat, and I am a cat of sorts.


  RE: What does ‘ doing research ‘ mean to you ?
Posted by: ScarletMidnight - 2021-09-16 17:57

For me reaserch is either reading books or articles about Black Panthers or cats.I also go to the local zoo and reconnect with the feline species that I identify with watching them interact with other or seeing them play around is really fun.

  RE: Opinions on Quadrobics?
Posted by: ScarletMidnight - 2021-09-15 17:40

I love quadribics it helps connect me to my kith type i think its super fun and puts you more into the mindset of an animal plus its really good exercise.