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Euipoi - Founder / Creator of Therian-Guide

Hi members!, as you may already know I am the Creator of the Therian Guide. I started creating the site in late 2009 and finally published it in May 23, 2010. I wanted to create a website in which had a firm foundation for therianthropy, as it seemed there was not many websites that actually went about explaining it at the time. So I put together a little something from what I experienced and what I have learned to help guide other people. Being a young therian for me was hard because I was limited to information. I knew what I was experiencing but didn't know why or what it was. It wasn't until I was a little older did i discover there was actually people around the world who experienced the same thing I did.

I am currently living in California. I enjoy playing video games, art, anything wildlife, spirituality, and girly things. I am also a Solitary Eclectic Witch. I very much enjoy spending time with my little family and working on new projects. I have two pet birds. A Sun Conure name Jade and an African Senegal Parrot named Milo. You can visit my blog ChakraGypsy or my social network Modern Buddha.

I want to thank you all for being part of this community, without you all therian guide wouldn't be so awesome. So keep posting and keep being positive!

LycanTheory - Co-owner of Therian-Guide

Hi. I'm Lycan a wolf/dog therian and one of the co-owners of TG. I like white-water canoeing, hiking, target shooting, 4x4ing and everything else that gets me outdoors and away from the city. Formerly an environmental remediation tech, my life got turned upside-down in 2018 and I’m now a full-time and very proud parent of two wonderful human pups!

I've walked many of life's roads alone until I found this place and the awesome members here. With that being said, I enjoy using my broad spectrum of life experience to help others whenever I can. If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to PM me.

My four-legged friend is Luna Luna

DustWolf - Co-owner of Therian-Guide

Hello ^.^ I'm DustWolf, I'm.. you guessed it, a wolf therian. I am a suntherian, which means I am mentally always wolf to a degree. I've been around the therian community for well over 10 years and have already been in and out of plenty of trouble, asked and answered all those questions, made and lost many friends... But still I like to hang out with you.

I live in Slovenia in Europe. I work as a system administrator and a web developer. I love walks, nature, building things and watching things grow. I have a canine best friend and a very few select friends I spend all my time with. I am an atheist and a science-minded person, but I keep an open mind and am not ignorant of spiritual beliefs.

I am happy to help this community in any way I can.

My four-legged friend is Sia Sia

BlackWolf - Our Fenrir-ish Admin!

Howdy, I'm BlackWolf. I'm an administrator here. You could probably guess what I am by the rather straightforward name. I've been a therian for as long as I can remember and I'm not too sure if I was ever "awakened" but rather always have been. I've been on this site for a handful of years now and have always done my best to help anyone so don't be shy. I like music, Blacksmithing, weaponry throughout history, and anything that involves being outdoors. I've seen a lot in life and have done good and bad things, just as we all have. I'm honest, straight up, and serious but that doesn't mean I can't have fun with anyone. If you ever need anything, I'm here.

BearX - Our Fedora-ed Admin!

Howdy, I'm BearX! I'm a coastal brown bear therian, and long-time member of the community. I live in the Eastern United States with my very understanding wife and two active sons, leading a relatively normal middle-aged life.

In the 1990s, I was an early member of the alt.horror.werewolves newsgroup which spawned modern therianthropy and was the owner/operator of, the first ISP devoted to giving therians our own online space.

I am always open to talk, so feel free to give me a shout.

Zefer Nezumi - Our Punkin Admin!
Zefer Nezumi


I'm Zef, a Siberian tiger. Cat of all trades, meowster of pun!

I "felt feline" very early on and overcame many obstacles on my journey of self-discovery. Since I didn't know about the community and had limited resources while I figured things out, it's important for me to help support the community now that I've earned my stripes.

I'm an engineer who dabbles in things shamanic, loves the outdoors, and smooshes his paws on a tablet to make art stuff. I love to learn and love to teach. It's rare that I turn an opportunity down (though I may grumble about it at first).

I'm the co-founder of TeamSiberian, along with Secret Doggo. With this much fluff and derp, how can we NOT be epic? :laugh:

On a serious note, I'm always willing to lend a paw. If you need anything - from a lame pun to advice to... well, mostly just lame puns... reach out to me! :cool:

- ZN

Thorveim - Our Fantastic Mod!

Hi there, I'm Thorveim, vacillant werewolf and moderator here on TG. I'm 23 years old, French and open-minded with a scientific approach to problems. I love all that is related to nature, reading some good books, and chatting in here to enjoy the community. Still trying to find my way as far as my job go, but I'm not worried; I will eventually find my way.

I am always ready to help anyone with anything really, so feel free to message me for any problem you may have!

Elinox - Our Fantastic Mod!

Hello, I'm Elinox, or Eli for short and I'm a moderator here on TG. I'm a wolf/werewolf and tend to use the terms interchangeably. I've been in the online communities since about 2001; active in both the therian and otherkin communities.

I'm a writer and published author and I enjoy fantasy movies and books. I'm also an avid scuba diver. I live in central Pennsylvania with my mate and two cats.

If you need help with anything or have a question, I'm more than willing to help you any way that I can/know how. Just leave me a pm here and if I don't know the answer, I probably know someone who does!

Aspen - Our Fantastic Mod!

Hello, I haven't yet written my MTS text.