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Finding your therian name
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Finding your therian name

This thread exists because people Googled "finding your therian name" or "figure out your therian name" and found us. I thought I'd talk about this a little bit.

Many therians believe they have become or are therians for psychological reasons. Amongst those of us, naming your theriotype makes no sense. Your theriotype is what you are, it is not a separate entity and therefore has... your name, because it is you. Your theriotype is also an animal and wild animals tend not to use names to refer to one-another.

Now it is possible that you are domestic animal therian who has some kind of past life experience in the context of which you "had" a name.

As some of you will also mention, there is a section about Therian Names on the website, on the Spiritual Therianthropy page. I am not a Spiritually identifying therian and I don't want to be inconsiderate of other people's beliefs. I suppose it's possible that you think you are a therian for spiritual reasons and you see some kind of deeper meaning in giving your animal aspect a name.

But it is far from any kind of "first step" as it is often seen and within the community the whole idea of it is generally frowned upon.

There are multiple good threads discussing the subject further:

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