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  Happy therianthropy day!
Posted by: DustWolf - 2023-11-27 7:48 - Replies (1)

Hey guys,

Happy therianthropy day!

As is our historic custom, therianthropy day is celebrated on the first full moon in November, which is today on the 27th .

To quote @BearX who posted this back in 2017:

(2017-11-04 14:44)BearX Wrote:  Today is the first full moon of November, 2017. The first full moon of November has been a sort of de facto "Therianthropy Day" since the mid 1990s. It was when, 23 years ago, on the weekend of November 19 & 20, 1994, the first official AHWW howl was held.

I was unable to attend it, although I did make the two that followed. I was a broke college student and had no transportation at the time. It was fun reading the post-howl reports on the newsgroup, though.

I always felt it was a good time to have an official celebration of therianthropy, since the AHWW newsgroup itself was created in November, 1992. Very momentous for therians, November is.

It was first proposed as a sort of holiday in March of 1996, in this thread on AHWW, should you want to investigate the history. Ultimately, AHWW decided to use it, and it stuck. It went through a few iterations of names, "International Werewolf Day", and then the less species-specific "Awereness Day" (since were is the older term for therian), and after the term therianthropy caught on, "Therianthropy Day".

So, happy "Therianthropy Day". Hope it's a good one.

We never quite figured out what we were going to do for Therianthropy Day. Maybe bake a cake. Maybe be proud and celebrate your therianthropy online by bragging about your animal traits. Maybe just chill out and have that one day in a year when you let your animal side out a bit more than usual. There are no rules on what must be done for therianthropy day. Smile

If nothing else, it's a day to be true to ourselves and remember what all this is all about.

Take care.


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  Sketchtember 2023
Posted by: DustWolf - 2023-09-02 20:05 - No Replies

Hey guys.

I just wanted to let you know that it being the month of September, Sketchtember 2023 is officially on:

On TG staff we kinda realised that the community exists primarily thanks to you guys and so, we're letting you guys carry the torch this year. Whatever happens will happen only if you guys want it to.

Of course staff will be around to help.. Smile

Take care everyone and take it easy.


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  Finance nonprofits with TG
Posted by: DustWolf - 2023-04-17 18:03 - No Replies

Hey everyone,

I have to admit to you that I'm a bit of an environmentalist in that I believe in doing things to help nature. I obviously care about the welfare of the wild counterparts of my theriotype -- wolves, but I also like to engage myself in various projects to help the natural environment in various ways.

I'm sure all of you, being therians, also believe in these same things and also want to help.

TG is primarily a community of therians and while we try to help educate people about therianthropy, we already have a purpose in this. To help nature, I found it's best to help through other organisations already working in those areas.

Obviously, you can join them and help them with your work directly. But maybe your schedule is quite full, so you can't do that, but still want to help. Having worked in the nonprofit sphere for close to a decade, I know that in many of these organisations, a bit of funding can make all the difference in actually being able to achieve things that make a real difference.

I understand that many of you are young and either don't have income or don't have enough income to really make a difference, so... let's help each other! I offer you a way to help finance to those organisations, through TG.

As you may already be aware, TG sports a points shop:

Under the "Donation tokens" section of this shop, there are tokens you can get for forum points, which will direct a part of TG's budget to a donation towards that organisation. Which tokens you get and how many is entirely up to you (they will end up in little stacks in your postbit).

Since we've been getting more other items in the points shop, fewer people have saved up for those tokens, but I'm hoping that my explaining this to you will make the difference.

Because the exchange rate between TG forum points and real-life money is quite low, some of those tokens can cost a lot of points! So, I put together a small guide to help you figure out how to earn more forum points:

In short, the easiest way to earn points is to post engaging threads in the forums, that many people will feel like replying to. Smile Just posting in the forums also counts for quite a bit of points.

When a token you've brought gets processed, you will get a little message with proof of the donation. We also sometimes get a thank you from one of the organisations and of course I'll share that with you guys.

Thank you for helping TG help nature and animals. Smile


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  March 2023 Mewsletter
Posted by: Zefer Nezumi - 2023-03-18 15:44 - Replies (4)

Howldy, folks!

The TG Staff Team has some commewnity news, upcoming events, site changes, and tips and tricks to share!

If you're a TG forums member and you're interested in more information about one of these things, make sure to click the related links below!

Upcoming Events

For now, most of what's on our radar has to do with Howls, or in-purrson meetups (usually camping trips!) that are several days long.

Some of these may not be accessible to some members due to age or transportation restrictions - sorry about that! - but for those who meet age requirements and can travel, give these a look-see if you might wanna try to attend!

Howl Notifications As Of 3/18/2023

Spring 2023, Illinois (USA)

Summer 2023, Pacific NorthWest (USA)

Fall 2023, Virginia (USA)

TBD - Alberta Howl (Canada)

Did Mew Know? that you can also subscribe to the Howls subforum to get notification updates when new threads are posted there? If not, take a look!

Don't know how to subscribe to the subforum? Check out the next section!

Forum Tips & Tricks!

Subforum Subscriptions/ New Post Notifications

I just posted the first tip a few lines above! But this is a handy tip some critters may not know about that could help them remain more a-were of what's going on in the forums!

Head to your favorite subforum, and just below the "New Thread" button, you should see this linkamajig!

[Image: image.png]

(How 'bout those famcy art skills?!)

If you click that, you'll get notifications whenever a new thread is added to that subforum! You can manage your Forum Subscriptions here, and your Thread-Specific Subscriptions here!

You can also toggle some settings for whether you get an on-site notification or e-mail as a notification style once the threads or subforums on those pages receive updates!

Suggested Subscriptions

If you're interested in helping to welcome in new members or making sure they're giving enough information for the staff team to activate their accounts, you might want to subscribe to the Introduce Yourself sub-forum!

If you're interested in trying to meet up with other therians in real life during a Howl or a Meetup, you may want to subscribe to the Howls subforum!!

If you're interested in receiving instant notifications about upcoming Serious Therianthropy Discussion Chats, make sure to subscribe to this specific thread, so you won't miss out on event information and news!

Upcoming Changes to the Meet the Staff Page

There seems to be ongoing confusion about who members should reach out to with questions about site problems, conflict resolution, or other things. The staff team has discussed some ways to help with this and one of them is to revamp the Meet the Staff page!

We're going to include basic information about what each staff level is usually focused on (Mods/ Super Mods/ Admin) and which group it makes sense to go to when a purroblem pops up! We're hoping to get this update out soon and just wanted to give you all advance notice.

We hope this helps people see the staff team as more of a team, and to also help some staff members not feel overloaded by members always going to them first while other staffers feel like nobody is coming to them for help!

WereAreWe Pawdcast Update

For critters who like to tune in to the WereAreWe Pawdcast, you can check out our new sneppurrsode here as well as on YouTube and various other places!

Even if you don't like to listen to the podcast, you can still reach out to the crew (including BearX and myself from the TG staff team) to suggest community news, let us know about Howls or events, and other similar things!

We hope to help support and purrmote community efforts and that can't happen without members making us awere of the things that need to be shared! XP

Forum members can also subscribe to this thread for podcast updates or to give direct feedback, suggestions or to bring our attention to community stuff we might wanna talk about!

Last but not least, something that needs to be addressed immediately...

- ZN

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  New TG Teams and Staff Rework!
Posted by: Werewulfra - 2022-09-28 20:42 - Replies (6)

As many of you have probably seen by now, TG's staff has recently been overhauled to add several new members (myself included). We've been settling in quite well all things considered, but we've been very busy at work with new developments. Part of these developments is an overhaul to the staff teams system—and a very exciting one at that!

This overhaul, of course, comes with new teams for the participating staff, but it also include tweaks to the existing teams as well. For ease of access, I'll list all the teams and what they stand for here.

All of the pretty colors and banners in one place!

@AgitatedSneaker's Agi's Taters: Agi is a positive, loyal, goofy woofer who legitimately cares how your day is! He may take a bit of warming up to, but he engages in meaningful conversations and forms very close connections with those he trusts. If you want to try and earn a close friend, or just have someone that will listen and try to lift your day, consider joining this group of taters!

[Image: AgiBanner2.png]

@BearX's Camp X: Summer camp for the gifted. BearX is known for his relaxed and open-minded approach to life. He's been a part of the Therian community longer than most of us and has returned to share his wisdom. Though as a bear therian, he is solitary by nature, his team will nevertheless be a sanctuary for those to whom who find this way of thinking comfortable or appealing. If you just need reasonable and open-minded people to talk to, this may be the team for you.

[Image: camp-x.png]

@DustWolf's Dusty's Pack: He may be a little distant at times, but you know that at heart he really cares about all of you. He is loyal to a fault and is willing to work hard to protect his own. Let his stars speak for themselves—he's been here for you for years. He doesn't believe in good and evil, but rather that every person chooses their own truth and should fight for it: May the best philosophy win. In his team, he'll be there for you, he'll run alongside you, and he'll fight for you, even if society thinks you're wrong. Will you run with him?

[Image: dustys-pack.png]

@elinox's Eli's Tribe: Elinox is a spiritual therian and otherkin. She is a fun-loving and common-sense person. When we fight, she brings our community together. Though Elinox dislikes Discord, by joining her tribe you get access to a quiet spot on the forums where it's okay to talk about the spirtual practices you've become used to and share knowledge about how to use them—in a calm atmosphere free of conflict.

[Image: elis-tribe.png]

@Zefer Nezumi's Team Stripe: Zefer is the fun, energetic, spiritual tiger we all know who believes in the power of goof and derp, and who truly wishes to help the Therian community. You may have heard his thoughtful podcasts or just had a good laugh with his puns, but you know what he stands for is good. If you want to stand with him, join his team, have a blast, get in touch with your spiritual side, and help make a better tomorrow for all therians.

[Image: stripe.png]

@Tornir's Tornir's Tree: What is it with big cats and derpiness? Tornir is a goofy-yet-kind leopard therian who's always willing to help out with things. Her tree is a place to hang out (and hopefully not fall out) while plotting to take over the world... which we can then stick giant googly eyes on! Hopefully... this will discourage AlphaLex from eating it. If you want to help out derp the folks of Team Stripe, join her in the tree.

[Image: Tornirs_Tree.png]

@Werewulfra's Wulfra's Collective: Though her nature is as elusive as a cryptid, she still finds her place within the therian/otherkin community and wishes to see it blossom into the future. She may come across as distant and scary at first, but once you get to know her you'll see there's a jovial someone who cherishes those close to her like a dragon does its hoard. She promotes growing your personal strength, delving into the depths to find yourself, and embracing who you truly are. If you're willing to venture into the unknown, join the collective, she'd be happy to have you....

[Image: collective.png]

Staff Identification

We've done a lot of tweaking to get all the colors in place, but the results are more colorful than ever! Following this theme of colorfulness, we've changed how TG Staff are identified. On both here and the Discord, TG Staff now represent their own team color... TEAM PRIDE!

To still keep it easy to identify the impurrtent purrsonnel, TG Staff on the form will have an Underlined name. Nothing else uses the underline, so it will be immediately apparent who is who! As for the discord, TG Staff will be represented by a badge next to their name.

Joining Teams

As a reminder, or for those who haven't seen the original TG Teams Announcement Post, joining teams is easy! All you have to do is ask the Staff member, either by PM on the forums or in the Discord. There's no limit on the amount of teams you can be in if you have multiple favorite Staffers.

Once you've joined a team, you'll get access to their subform on the site, access to their special text chat on the discord, their banner under your forum profile, and you'll get to rep their color yourself!
On the Discord, the color choice is automatic—the team you have with the lowest member population will take priority in order to give the smaller teams more representation (although certain roles like pup, youngster, and others will override any team colors—this is not a glitch).
On the forums, the color choice is decided by you. All you have to do is go to your User Control Panel's Display Group page, then select whichever team you'd like to represent.

Thank you for bearing with us through all these tweaks and updates we've had to do.

We hope you'll enjoy the new, more colorful TG!

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