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Prompts for therian journals!
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Prompts for therian journals!
Some of these are journaling prompts and others types of logs to make or lists and other things

Things to log in a therian journal.
Okay so this is what I mean by a log;
Make two or more columns, depending on what you’re logging, at the top of each column add a subject such as date or something.
On my meditation log, I have three columns. One for date, one for which page I talk more about the experience (“entry #”) and one for type of meditation used (walking, laying, sitting.)

Log what kinds of shifts you get frequently, this can be all shifts put into one log, or a separate log for each of the types of shifts you get most.
Column suggestion: date| type of shift| location| entry#
•meditation log
•*Quadrobics log* (optional and only if you do them)

Things to list in a therian journal

•animals and habitats to research
•types of shifts you get frequently
•books and documentaries to watch and read
•habitats you feel connected with/ make you feel shifty
•places and people you feel safe to shift around and in
•ways that work for you to shift
•possible the theriotypes/kin types based on research and shifts
•your shifting triggers
•people and places you never/don’t want to shift around
•favourite shift places to shift
•least favourite places to shift
•behaviours to look into
•animal and habitat research questions
Other lists that are more optional/ less needed
•gear you want
•therian based stuff to do
•therian crafts to make
•gear you want to make yourself

Journaling prompts
•what your shifts feel like
•things you’ve done while shifting others find “weird” Orr have commented on
•how you feel/felt when you became a therian
•random facts and things people should know about therianthropy, but don’t know.
•if you meditate, what did you last meditation feel like
•you least favourite or favourite shift experiences
•what would you do if you met another therian irl
•how do shifts affect every day life
•daily life journal entry’s

Other things to write/draw
•draw your theriotype/kin type
•Draw a territory map (it could be in the woods, or even just your house/room/yard)
•write about your awakening if you had one
•jot down recent thoughts about therianthropy
•write what would happen if you could talk to animalss and could have the opportunity to meet your theriotype/kintype
•write about therian theory’s you have
•write about how you found your theriotype type (in sentences or maybe make a form of chart to show it?)
•reviews of the week
•review the month
•look back on your childhood memories and see if anything hinted to your therianthropy.

Please keep in mind that all of these are technically optional and are just prompts I’ve made.
I made them for myself but I thought it’d be useful for other people like me who sometimes can’t think of what to write or how to write it

I myself needed some prompts for writing in my journal so I wrote my own prompts Big Grin
Hope this helped those who probably didn’t need this but found it anyway lmao XD

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