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  Contact email addresses
Posted by: DustWolf - 2019-07-18 22:02 - Replies (1)

Hey guys,

It would appear that the contact email addresses we have were not working.

I fixed it now so they should be working again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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  100 YouTube subscribers!
Posted by: DustWolf - 2019-07-04 22:18 - Replies (3)

Hey all,

So Youtube had a surprise for us this morning:
[Image: unknown.png]

Our YouTube channel, now also linked with an icon under Quick Shortcuts, was primarily created to help us store and easily play back the Therian Talks (podcasts) and was never intended to be anything but a repository.

However once we had the channel up, people who have never even heard of Therian Guide started finding us from YouTube search and subscribing and we now suddenly have 100 subscribers!

We would like to thank everybody who subscribed, as well as everybody here on the forums. The truth is that while Therian Talks were initially just a project by @Zefer Nezumi and myself, where we organised, recorded and edited everything, Therian Talks would never be here without all of you on the forums. We used the topics and perspectives discussed on the most popular threads on the forums and made them into a talk show.

Though people have always been shy on giving us feedback, it is my belief that since our forums are hidden behind a registration wall for privacy, the Talks have brought many of the topics discussed on Therian Guide to a much wider audience, where people from outside of the community can hear about them. I suspect thus, that the Talks have done a lot to help promote Therianthropy in the world and just let people know that we are real people -- and not just a collection of tumblrkins making up new ways to shine as special snowflakes, as people who haven't gotten to know us, often see us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to alert you of the latest episode of Therian Talks: Therian Talk #7 - What? The Howls! It was announced on our social media but never here.

As always, if you have any thoughts, I would like to invite you to our Therian Talks subforum. We would greatly appreciate any feedback, so please, post away. Smile


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  Ban appeal procedure
Posted by: DustWolf - 2019-04-27 14:51 - No Replies

Hello everybody,

A ban appeal procedure is something we set up with the TG staff a while ago, but I feel we never talked about it publicly enough, though it has been published.

Essentially, there are 48 people currently banned on Therian Guide.

If any of them feels like they have been banned unjustly or think that the reasons why they were banned are no longer relevant, they can appeal the ban by writing an email to the staff at:


The staff will then discuss and decide, which may take several days. If the request is justified and we think our conditions have been fulfilled, the ban will be reversed.

The email address can also be used to ask for clarifications regarding the ban.

However the staff are under no obligation to revoke any ban and we make no guarantees.

Automated bans, where the page does not load are not covered here, but those should resolve themselves within 24 hours automatically.


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  Discord Outage
Posted by: coffeebear - 2019-04-19 14:46 - Replies (2)


Last night, Lycan tried to transfer ownership of the Discord server to Dustwolf, but his attempt was unsuccessful. For the time being, then, our Discord server is out of commission. We're working with Discord technical support to recover it, though it may take a few days.

For the time being, the site's Shoutbox still works quite well, though!

And of course, if you've had a good topic in the back of your mind for some time, now's a good time to start a thread on it, also.

Please PM us if you have any questions, sorry for the downtime, and we'll keep you posted.

========== ========== ========== ========== ==========

We're back!

Check the Discord thread for the current invite - bots aren't completely operational yet, so please remember to let us know your TG username when you arrive in the server.

Thanks for your patience!

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  2018 Yearbook Released!
Posted by: PinkDolphin - 2019-04-13 18:01 - Replies (18)

I'm here to present the Official 2018 Therian Guide Yearbook to you!

Are you excited to see all the jokes, pictures, achievements and shenanigans of 2018? Are you curious about what the members of Therian Guide have done this year or are wanting to share with you?

It has been rough the past months to complete this yearbook, but with special thanks to @DustWolf, @LycanTheory and @Zefer Nezumi for their input, to @Hati for the cover image, and many more who helped here and there when I asked for some tips or ideas.. We're now able to look through the year of 2018 here on Therian Guide, and remember fun times and loveable members!

I also want to grab this chance with both paws to both announce that this yearbook includes Entire 2018 until April 2019.
And to offer my apologies for having finished it so late.

By this I'm able to offer you a PDF (see link ^) of the 2018 yearbook, images and content should all be free to use for anything that isn't being made profit of. If you want to, you can print out the yearbook at some local book company, but we do not offer this option as a site at this time.

Just like last time We'd love to ask you a few questions after you've read the book:

- What was your favourite part of the yearbook and why?
- What was your least favourite part and why?
- What else do you think should have been added to the yearbook? Did we miss anything?
- What was your favorite moment of 2018 on Therian Guide?

Just like last time.. I have a song for you to listen. A message I'd love to tell to entire Therian Guide and all it's members. You're not obligated to listen, but it's just a fun little extra.

Nobody knows how much I love you
Nobody knows how much I care
There's a big ol'e world, let's get out there and live it
Walking next to you may seem to be
just another little thing in the world you see
But the truth is it just means so much to me



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