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  TG budget supercharge
Posted by: DustWolf - 2020-08-06 21:00 - No Replies

Hey guys,

As mentioned in our plans, me, @LycanTheory and others on staff have supercharged the TG budget with a bunch of funds! We now got over 300 €. Smile

You can check the current state of the budget here.

As a result, items in our points store cost less than they ever have. Check them out:

You can plant a bunch of trees for just 200 forum points! Or support an animal charity for just 700 forum points.

We also added a bunch of new charities working in the area of prevention of cruelty to animals:

We encourage you to spend your points on them, so that TG can do it's part to help prevent abuse of animals in the world.

But of course the charm of the system is that you can use them on whatever you want. Wink You control what TG spends it's money on.

EDIT: I've added a little description of how the points store works here:


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Posted by: DustWolf - 2020-08-04 17:12 - Replies (3)

Hey everyone,

We know everybody's busy with life right now, but we got some things planned that just might get you to come spend some extra time with us. Smile

First I'd like to inform you of @Zefer Nezumi's new podcast: Were are we, published on podbean. The name is naturally one of Zefer's famed puns. The podcast is joined by Therians outside of TG and aims, as the title says, to ask the question: Where the Therian community is and where it is going in the future.

As you know, TG is working with scientists to help push the boundaries of what we currently understand of Therianthropy. Besides the surveys and interviews we have with them (which you can join!), we also encourage debate among our members in our many threads on the subject of Therianthropy.

Because we can, we are also preparing a donation drive, in which we will be donating to organisations working on preventing cruelty to animals. Deciding which organisation will get what amount of funds will be up to you! You'll be directing the funds with the donation tokens available in our points store.

The most active users of the forums get the most points. Every sensible post counts and the really good ones count extra!

Right now we are still collecting suggestions, however when the donation drive starts, me and @LycanTheory will put in a bunch of funds to the budget, which will make it very easy to get items from the points store for a little while. Smile Be sure you have enough points by then! Wink

Also on the horizon is that we will be dropping our ban on the subject of p-shifting. Even though p-shifting debates haven't exactly been useful so far, we have to acknowledge that each of us on the staff have been involved in p-shifting discussions when we were younger. It would be unfair to prevent the younger generation of therians from experiencing this.

Debates will still be monitored to prevent people from getting hurt, but it will no longer be against the rules.

We've been reaching out to other Therian communities and making friends, because we recognise that making the world a better place for Therians is something that we can only do together.

Thank you for staying with us and helping us make Therian Guide a home for all Therians. Heart


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  New Therian talk: Therian gear
Posted by: DustWolf - 2020-06-06 15:24 - No Replies

Hey guys,

@Zefer Nezumi and I have finally finished a new Therian Talks episode. This one might be very interesting for you: It's about Therian gear!

This time @coffeebear couldn't do the editing for us because his computer failed. Still we copied many of his tricks. Wink

The episode presents the traditional therian perspective alongside a more modern one. It is our opinions and it is your opinions and I hope we managed to represent your views.

If anyone has an opinion you are of course welcome to put it in the comments, or here, or any of the threads.

Hosts: @Zefer Nezumi and @DustWolf
Editor: @Zefer Nezumi
Music: @Baumarius (Syamori)

Links Discussed in the Episode (Click to View)


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  A message to all.
Posted by: LycanTheory - 2020-06-01 16:48 - Replies (6)

Therian Guide has always been a community of very unique and diverse animal-people who recognize and accept the value of embracing one another on the common ground that we all share. It is humbling to be a part of a community which transcends much of the strife and animosity that exists in the world today and it is an honor to know that we can be loved and accepted just as we are, without regard for race, gender, religion, beliefs, theriotype, orientation or whatever else might set us apart from our neighbors.

We have always operated on these principles and we stand with all those who seek love, unity, peace and respect for one another.

I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to all members of Therian Guide for setting a fine example of what a community can be like when we value who a person is, first and foremost and regard each other with the same degree of respect, kindness and dignity that we, ourselves, would like to be afforded.

I have never been more proud of this community than I am right now.

Alone we stand, together we prevail.

Thank you all and please keep up the good work.

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  Therian Guide Academy
Posted by: DustWolf - 2020-04-11 12:39 - Replies (3)

Hey everyone,

This is a project we've sortof been working on with the staff over the last few months. The thing is, we need your help.

We've been looking over what the therian community needs right now (to be progressing in the direction of basically helping therians understand therianthropy). We've been looking at both modern and traditional systems of education that are suitable to our varied population.

We've determined that what is missing the most right now is verification of comprehension. Basically, we have all of these resources on Therianthropy that are accessible to members and outsiders and we have afforded every opportunity to discuss therian experiences, however what we currently don't do is check if anyone actually understands the materials on Therianthropy and if they are actually being understood as intended.

For this purpose we've come up with a new thing! Therian Guide Academy! Big Grin
(it's what I'm calling it now, we went through several different names)

So we've designed a curriculum of 8 courses for a well-rounded understanding of Therianthropy, for each of which we will be able to do a kind of exam for. However, to be fair, each of these would need some kind of textbook so that people can reasonably prepare for what is going to be verified. This is where we need help.

We need your help to prepare the textbooks for these 8 courses:

  1. Persistence of animal experience
  2. Satisfying animal needs
  3. Self-perception
  4. Shifting
  5. Identity
  6. Human therian experiences
  7. Delusion and mental illness
  8. Spirituality

These are intended to be in relation to therianthropy and aren't like generic textbooks about mental illness, etc.

Each of the textbooks will be published in the form of basically essays in our Introduction to Therianthropy forum, so it will be public in the hopes that it will help as many people as possible.

If nobody else picks up the task, I will start them up and then we can fix them up together. Tongue

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to reply.

EDIT: To respond to a question posed in Discord, obviously the courses can't be about what Therianthropy is, because we don't know what it is and it would be wrong to impose our perspectives on other people.

However what we can do is provide useful knowledge to therians which may not be strictly about therianthropy, but is useful to know if you are a therian. This is roughly what the textbooks are meant to contain. For example in course #2, where we are talking about satisfying animal needs, we are not talking about things every therian needs to do, but rather about the needs that our theriotypes have, which may apply to certain therians.


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