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  Feeling attacked?
Posted by: DustWolf - 2022-11-26 16:13 - No Replies

Hello everyone,

Have you ever had the moment on when you felt attacked and figured you weren't safe here anymore?

If yes, most likely I am to blame for this. In conversations I can be very adversarial, which is considered a normal thing in my family. But I realise most of you come from a different place and do not share this culture and do not expect my behaviour.

I am sorry if this has made you feel unwelcome, as my intention was in fact the opposite. I am adversarial because I welcome intellectual debate and intellectual debate means sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes you're wrong, but we're all open to arguing our point and at the end of the day, one of us has learned something new. I sometimes argue for points I don't even agree with, because to me, the point is that you can show me how this position is wrong, rather than either of us just rejecting it outright. The purpose therefore is, to welcome a variety of perspectives, which might be right until shown otherwise.

My point is, I realise my behaviour might have spooked you off, made you feel attacked, or like you or your views weren't welcome here. If that's how you feel, I'm sorry. It was not my intention to give you that feeling.

I wanted to show you, that it's okay to disagree. It's okay to have a different view or perspective. We can talk about it and you can tell me why you believe as you do, and who knows, maybe you'll change my mind. I am open to learning something new, as I hope you are.

If you still don't like me despite that, that's okay. Despite popular belief, I do not control TG. Not only is this a community with many people, who all have their individual views and opinions. But in addition to that, the staff team is many different people with very different views. So even if you don't like me, you probably still have at least a staffer or two watching out for you and your needs, when it comes to TG.

Therian Guide strives to be a home for all therians. Therians are all sorts of people and therianthropy is an involuntary experience, not some shared belief. Because of this, all therians will never agree on something, it's impossible. I acknowledge that and welcome you to TG in spite of our differences. In fact, I believe our differences make us stronger.

Any personal disagreements we may have, do not change this for me. You are still very much welcome on this site.

So, despite any past disagreements we may have, I invite you to join up and remain active. The community is not complete without you.


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  Therian Guide seasonal gift exchange :)
Posted by: DustWolf - 2022-11-14 20:20 - No Replies

Hello everyone!

We are thinking about new things to do for the seasonal holidays.

Since Christmas is coming up, it is all about giving and receiving something back, alongside bringing joy to those close to us, or to those who need a smile on their face!

In the past we have done secret Santa, but this year we would like to change it up where we are allowing members to mutually gift each other things online and offline, of course with both parties consent. This would allow us all to spread the possibilities of gifts further much like secret Santa was, except you will know and have full reins of who to gift and the receiver will also know who gave that gift, hopefully making everything more personal and more to your liking. Smile

Personally I will be giving away some steam games, but you can give or ask for whatever you like.

How it works is simple: Instead of writing to Santa, write to TG. Wink And other TG members will see it and possibly gift you the item. Smile

To safeguard your privacy, instead of replying to this announcement, reply to the dedicated thread we've created:

See you there.

[Image: ScreenShot5714.jpg]


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  New TG Teams and Staff Rework!
Posted by: Werewulfra - 2022-09-28 20:42 - Replies (4)

As many of you have probably seen by now, TG's staff has recently been overhauled to add several new members (myself included). We've been settling in quite well all things considered, but we've been very busy at work with new developments. Part of these developments is an overhaul to the staff teams system—and a very exciting one at that!

This overhaul, of course, comes with new teams for the participating staff, but it also include tweaks to the existing teams as well. For ease of access, I'll list all the teams and what they stand for here.

All of the pretty colors and banners in one place!

@BearX's Camp X: Summer camp for the gifted. BearX is known for his relaxed and open-minded approach to life. He's been a part of the Therian community longer than most of us and has returned to share his wisdom. Though as a bear therian, he is solitary by nature, his team will nevertheless be a sanctuary for those to whom who find this way of thinking comfortable or appealing. If you just need reasonable and open-minded people to talk to, this may be the team for you.

[Image: camp-x.png]

@DustWolf's Dusty's Pack: He may be a little distant at times, but you know that at heart he really cares about all of you. He is loyal to a fault and is willing to work hard to protect his own. Let his stars speak for themselves—he's been here for you for years. He doesn't believe in good and evil, but rather that every person chooses their own truth and should fight for it: May the best philosophy win. In his team, he'll be there for you, he'll run alongside you, and he'll fight for you, even if society thinks you're wrong. Will you run with him?

[Image: dustys-pack.png]

@elinox's Eli's Tribe: Elinox is a spiritual therian and otherkin. She is a fun-loving and common-sense person. When we fight, she brings our community together. Though Elinox dislikes Discord, by joining her tribe you get access to a quiet spot on the forums where it's okay to talk about the spirtual practices you've become used to and share knowledge about how to use them—in a calm atmosphere free of conflict.

[Image: elis-tribe.png]

@Zefer Nezumi's Team Stripe: Zefer is the fun, energetic, spiritual tiger we all know who believes in the power of goof and derp, and who truly wishes to help the Therian community. You may have heard his thoughtful podcasts or just had a good laugh with his puns, but you know what he stands for is good. If you want to stand with him, join his team, have a blast, get in touch with your spiritual side, and help make a better tomorrow for all therians.

[Image: stripe.png]

@AlphaLex's Lunar Critters: AlphaLex is a fun, spiritual therian and otherkin of a few kinds. She always wishes the best for members, staff, and the like. If she can help you with a problem, she will, and she always keeps an open-minded attitude. Her team is for those who want a safe place or somewhere to hangout idly for chats. Perhaps you could be that extra spark that heightens someone's howl here! So, pad on over if you wish to stand with the critters.

[Image: LunarCrittersBanner-1-1.png]

@AgitatedSneaker's Agi's Taters: Agi is a positive, loyal, goofy woofer who legitimately cares how your day is! He may take a bit of warming up to, but he engages in meaningful conversations and forms very close connections with those he trusts. If you want to try and earn a close friend, or just have someone that will listen and try to lift your day, consider joining this group of taters!

[Image: AgiBanner2.png]

@Ræven's Sunning Buddies: Ræven is a cheerful, storm-loving, out-of-this-world Avaskish therian and otherkin—a true child of the sky. Are you looking for a warm place to rest your wings? Come join Ræven's Sunning Buddies and relax for a while. The sun is always warm, and, no matter if you have fur, feathers, scales, or something else entirely, Ræven welcomes you to join her flock!

[Image: buddies.png]

@Tornir's Tornir's Tree: What is it with big cats and derpiness? Tornir is a goofy-yet-kind leopard therian who's always willing to help out with things. Her tree is a place to hang out (and hopefully not fall out) while plotting to take over the world... which we can then stick giant googly eyes on! Hopefully... this will discourage AlphaLex from eating it. If you want to help out derp the folks of Team Stripe, join her in the tree.

[Image: Tornirs_Tree.png]

@Werewulfra's Wulfra's Collective: Though her nature is as elusive as a cryptid, she still finds her place within the therian/otherkin community and wishes to see it blossom into the future. She may come across as distant and scary at first, but once you get to know her you'll see there's a jovial someone who cherishes those close to her like a dragon does its hoard. She promotes growing your personal strength, delving into the depths to find yourself, and embracing who you truly are. If you're willing to venture into the unknown, join the collective, she'd be happy to have you....

[Image: collective.png]

Staff Identification

We've done a lot of tweaking to get all the colors in place, but the results are more colorful than ever! Following this theme of colorfulness, we've changed how TG Staff are identified. On both here and the Discord, TG Staff now represent their own team color... TEAM PRIDE!

To still keep it easy to identify the impurrtent purrsonnel, TG Staff on the form will have an Underlined name. Nothing else uses the underline, so it will be immediately apparent who is who! As for the discord, TG Staff will be represented by a badge next to their name.

Joining Teams

As a reminder, or for those who haven't seen the original TG Teams Announcement Post, joining teams is easy! All you have to do is ask the Staff member, either by PM on the forums or in the Discord. There's no limit on the amount of teams you can be in if you have multiple favorite Staffers.

Once you've joined a team, you'll get access to their subform on the site, access to their special text chat on the discord, their banner under your forum profile, and you'll get to rep their color yourself!
On the Discord, the color choice is automatic—the team you have with the lowest member population will take priority in order to give the smaller teams more representation (although certain roles like pup, youngster, and others will override any team colors—this is not a glitch).
On the forums, the color choice is decided by you. All you have to do is go to your User Control Panel's Display Group page, then select whichever team you'd like to represent.

Thank you for bearing with us through all these tweaks and updates we've had to do.

We hope you'll enjoy the new, more colorful TG!

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  Staff names are not blue?!
Posted by: AgitatedSneaker - 2022-09-28 6:55 - Replies (4)

Hey Everyone!

Many of you attentive critters have probably noticed that our staff names are no longer big, bold and blue anymore!

We've decided that our colours will be our team colours. We're testing for the moment, it might not stay. We hope that this will improve a couple of things:
- Hopefully you guys will feel more connected with your teams since staffers are representing their team colour (Taters rule!)
- We think our previous colour was a little intimidating we want to be friendly and approachable!
- It's more fun and colourful Tongue

Of course, knowing who is staff or not is kinda important so the forums will have an underline under staff names and for discord we're gonna have a little icon to appear beside our names. (both yet to be implemented, we're stealth staff for now Tongue)

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  Points store and new staff
Posted by: DustWolf - 2022-09-22 19:00 - Replies (7)

Hello everyone,

For those of you who are new to TG, you may not be aware that there is a points store:

The items at the top are purely symbolic, but at the bottom are items that do things. They either give your username a color, or they give you the ability to receive free therian merch, or at the bottom are tokens that will make us make a donation to some animal charity in your name. Smile

I realise times have been kinda hard and we've not been thinking about charity much, however these things really help the organisations we support and we've already sent thousands of dollars their way.

Here are some tips how to earn points. In short, all you have to do to earn them is be active on the forums and post interesting stuff. I invite you to collect these points and then use them to either help charities, or get yourself something snazzy from our merch.


At this point some of you may be asking yourself... If everything is free and only costs Internet Points, where does the money come from?

Well, it comes from the TG budget:

The budget is funded entirely from donations.

We realise that a lot of TG members are younger people who do not have an income and that's okay, you can keep your savings. Smile However if you're an older therian and you have a job and maybe want to contribute to TG, but don't have much time, consider donating funds.

To make things easier, you can either make one-time donations with Ko-fi, or recurring donations with Patreaon. I've updated the Patreon page so that you can donate as little as 1 € a month. Smile

I've also wanted to take this opportunity to welcome our latest recruits to the staff:
@Tornir, @Ræven, @Werewulfra, @AgitatedSneaker and @Zacchary

I have no doubt there will be a number of questions regarding why these particular people were chosen or that we were even looking for people to add to staff. As usual the answer is complicated and I will probably try to clarify it somewhat in a staff journal or so.

For my part I can say I wish we could just recruit everyone who has been helpful on TG, however we can't do that and also I want you to know that as an active contributor you fill a much more vital role in our community than anyone on staff.

I would also take this opportunity to congratulate our new additions and say that I am optimistic going forward. Thank you all.


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