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  Therian Talk #2 and the Yearbook :)
Posted by: DustWolf - 2018-12-16 22:57 - No Replies

Hey everybody,

Here is the next episode of our Therian Talks radio show. Smile

Also available on SoundCloud:

Interviewer: Zefer Nezumi
Interviewee: DustWolf

Kaitsev's Journey:

You may have to register to access the following:
- Yearbook sub-forum:
- Renata's kith project:
- Therian Talks suggestions bin:

Like the show mentions at the end, I would also like to draw some of your attention to our Yearbook project:

The yearbook is -- obviously a yearly publication we make, that serves to capture what Therian Guide was in 2018 or rather how it is right now (since we don't plan to finish it by the year end exactly). So you are invited to come and leave your pawprint or other kind of mark. Smile

You may feel a little bit shy, but trust me 5 years down the line it will be great to be able to look through the old yearbook from 2018 and remember the experiences you've had here now. Wink

We will be posting a series of threads in that forum, your replies will be included in the yearbook.

Thanks again to @PinkDolphin and @Hati for their help on the yearbook design team (it looks great! But we can't show it to you yet...).


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  Therian Talk and Backgrounds
Posted by: DustWolf - 2018-12-03 18:37 - Replies (7)

Hey guys,

Me and @Zefer Nezumi have recorded our first episode of "Therian Talks". Wink

A Therian Guide official podcast, intended to supplement the other therianthropy-themed podcasts, for those of you who prefer to listen than to read:

Forgive our slightly amateurish beginnings here. Wink It's the first time for us too. Future episodes will perhaps be more coherent.

The discussion thread for it is here:
Interviews: What kinds of things should we discuss?

You might also have noticed that the Forums and the Website now both have these fancy backgrounds.

The backgrounds are automatically selected from your suggestions in the "Therian Guide backgrounds" thread.

Each background is the same for everyone and sticks around for a day.

Today's background in full format is...

[Image: background.php]

If you prefer the look of gray concrete over these beautiful sights of nature, there is a button to turn it off in the upper right corner of the page.


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  Therian Guide Radio
Posted by: DustWolf - 2018-11-11 7:51 - Replies (8)

Hey guys,

If you love music we have a thing for you! Howl

We've set up a Therian Guide radio. For now it just plays music suggested by therians (and mostly therianthropy-related), but we will eventually include scheduled therianthropy-related talks too.

For now what we need most are listeners! Smile

The radio works using the "radio" voice chat on the Therian Guide Discord, so if you're not a Therian Guide member you will have to join here on the forums and then also to the Discord to listen.

Discord voice works with mobile phones, laptops, desktops, everything. It uses 64kbps of data and works best on reliable Internet connections. The radio is completely automatic so all you have to do is join, (wait 15 seconds) and listen.

However if you want to contribute music suggestions you can do so by simply posting the Youtube video tags to our General Music Thread here on the forums. And if you hear a cool song on the radio, you'll be able to find it here.

EDIT: RADIO IS WORKING AGAIN!!! Thanks @BearX for helping me diagnose it. Smile No thanks Discord support. Tongue


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  NaNoWriMo 2018
Posted by: elinox - 2018-11-01 16:51 - No Replies

For members here participating in National Novel Writing Month for 2018.

NaNoWriMo is a challenge to write 50,000 words (or more!) in 30 days or less during the month of November. Here's the official website.

So far we have the following people participating:
@Zefer Nezumi
@Syraphin Faelad

TG and @DustWolf have generously agreed to award 1 TG point per 50 words of every work (even if unfinished) by the end of the month.

There is one condition: what you write has to either touch upon therianthropy in some way, or be about a character that experiences something a therian often does.

Please post the title, your NaNo website username if you want to be friended there, word count, story description, genre, etc. on the NaNo thread here. This thread is simply to announce this crazy race and the potential rewards!

Good luck Wrimos! Guide

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  Chat improvements
Posted by: DustWolf - 2018-10-31 20:29 - Replies (1)

Hey guys,

We haven't posted an announcement in a while and I thought why not? Smile

Lately I have been working on improving your experience with the different chat options we have here on the site.

Now whether you prefer to use Discord, Telegram or the good old Shoutbox here on the forums, your messages appear as similar to other people's messages as possible. I've also added some improvements to the Shoutbox, to make it easier to correctly type actions (roleplay), more like you're used to on modern chat apps, and not necesarily only the way it used to be on old IRC.

And even though a lot has already been done, there is more to come. Smile

All this makes all the chats a bit easier to read, as well as making sure chat feels like people are actually here, even if they prefer to use a different messaging program. I hope you guys like the changes. Smile

More details about the particulars are posted in the corresponding threads:


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