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What is or isn't therianthropy
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What is or isn't therianthropy

Over the years we've noticed a repeating cycle of people coming up with rules of exclusion over who is or is not a therian.

You may have heard things like "identifying as vs with", or "your theriotype is you, it is not a separate entity". The problem with these rules is that while they make sense for many therians, there are exceptions. Who are we to tell people who may very well be therians, that they are not therians, because of some rules we arbitrarily made up?

I understand that it is important, especially to younger therians, to define who the in-group of therianthropy is. Who is with us and who is against us.

Usually what happens is that genuine therians group up and create a set of rules. Then people who want to be therians join up and make subtle changes to these rules to make themselves fit in. Eventually the rules begin to exclude actual therians. Then the rules are torn down and the cycle begins again.

The truth is, we don't know what therianthropy is. We don't really know if any rules govern the experience. And finally, the label is not important. The therian community does not exist to set up boundaries and exclude people. We are here to help people who might be therians. We are here to compare our experiences.

LycanTheory Wrote:Are there going to be imposters claiming they're therians? Yup and we've made being a therian appealing to those people, not just us but the entire community, collectively. It is impossible to determine who might be the real deal and who's not without actually getting to know someone in great detail. The ethics of excluding individuals or groups over reasons arbitrary whilst arguing against exclusion for other individuals or groups is hypocrisy. There is nothing we can do to prevent imposters, the only thing anyone can do is outlast them.

If someone mistakenly believes they are a therian, it is not our job to police them. It is their loss for investing time and energy into something that is not true about themselves.

The story of those usually goes a little like this (Click to View)

I am not saying that everyone who wants to be can be a therian or any such nonsense. Therianthropy is an experience shared by very few people, who usually live far apart. True therians will always be the minority, and therefore those who seek popularity will always cater to a group which is mostly not therians.

However it is not our job to police who is or is not a therian, or draw lines to exclude people from the group. Everyone can determine in their heart whether or not they genuinely share the therian experience. Only they can determine whether or not they are a therian.

Those who are not are ultimately going to find more interesting things in their lives and they will move on. Some perhaps will not, until they overcome life issues they have been avoiding. What we can do is offer support, not exclusion.

So if you are not sure if you are a therian or not, and are looking for some easy to follow rules... Don't. There are no rules and those who claim to know them are lying. Instead just come talk to us, compare your experiences with our own and you should be able to figure it out yourself.


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