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Therian Talk #3 and TG Amino!
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Therian Talk #3 and TG Amino!
Hey everybody,

The new Therian Talk is up!

Also available on SoundCloud:

@Zefer Nezumi


- PinkDolphin's video on therian meets:

- IARP survey: or

- Therian Talks suggestions bin:

I would also like to draw your attention somewhat to the new Therian Guide Amino group:

While the Therian Guide forums are and will continue to be you main resource for helping you understand your therianthropy, the Amino group will be a more all-ages group, open to everybody, less serious and more playful. Smile

Everybody is welcome there, including those who were declined on the Forums.

Our internal discussion thread for it is here:


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2018-12-30 12:35
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