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IARP's Therian/Furry research surveys.
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IARP's Therian/Furry research surveys.
Hi everyone! Hello

For those who are new here or that aren't aware, Therian Guide is part of a research collaboration with the International Anthropomorphic Research Project/FurScience.

The reason we decided to begin collaborating with them last year was their increased interest in defining, understanding and further researching people in the furry fandom who identified, on some level, as not completely human or something other than human, i.e. therians/otherkin.

I know that a lot of therians feel very reserved about their non-human identities and it can be hard enough talking about these very deep experiences even to those who might share them, let alone talking to strangers who don't quite relate to where we're coming from but I encourage everyone who wants to participate to fill out a survey and help advance therianthropy in academia and research.

What we do now may pave the way road to improve the lives of therians for generations to come.

The page I've linked to is a menu of all their open research projects because I know that many members here are both therian and furry, while some are not and they also have an autism study open at this time which I know quite a few of our members are on the spectrum.

Thanks for reading!


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2018-07-11 18:51
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RE: IARP's Therian/Furry research surveys.
I've given this nudge on the bird and cat channels in Discord and will try to help continue to spread the word. I know there are other kin/ kith TG channels on Discord, so please help spread the word if you are a part of them and can point other members to the surveys!

Since someone asked, the link to begin the surveys isn't super-obvious, but click where it says "click here" at the end of each Study description. This will be in the last sentence of any study.

I'm giving my experience about the surveys I have taken below so members can estimate how much time to set aside, or what to expect:

Study 6 is the "Big Furry Survey"

I want to say this one took me somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour (including distractions), and mostly has "how would you rate"-style answers (with a few free form areas).

The last page of the survey also includes therian/otherkin questions, which are more "describe your experience"-style questions.

Study 3 is the "Therian/Otherkin Focus Groups and Interviews" survey

This one took me somewhere between 3-4 few hours to complete (also including distractions), but you have the option to save your progress and resume at a later time. I did it all in one sitting, so I'm not sure how easy it is to resume. I wrote a lot, so it may take other members a lot less time to answer, but confirmed with another member that the survey is lengthy.

The questions here are all experience-based, so you will need some time to write out and describe your personal encounters. It may be helpful to browse through the survey once to get an idea of what to write, then think about it so you won't feel overwhelmed.

This survey is very significant, and a chance for your experience to be understood; please consider taking the time to complete it.


Both surveys offer incentives, which are described in the "Information and Consent" page (the page you end up on once you click the appropriate link).

Like Lyc said; participating in these surveys has significant potential for future generations, so please keep that in mind and answer as honestly as you can.

If you have any general questions, I'd be happy to help!

- ZN

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2018-07-11 19:55
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