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What does ‘ doing research ‘ mean to you ?
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RE: What does ‘ doing research ‘ mean to you ?
I don't have much else to add to what's already been said, but yeah soul-searching and documentation then traditional research is what I'd say. If I didn't look animals up at all, I don't think I would have found my kintype. After I had taken a lot of notes and reflected on them I didn't know any animals that matched what I was feeling. However, it was really helpful to be able to look back on my journal for notes/experiences to help stay true to myself when googling animals.

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2020-01-29 18:47
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RE: What does ‘ doing research ‘ mean to you ?
This is relevant (and supposedly useful):
(2020-08-16 10:26)DustWolf Wrote:  
(2020-06-25 16:15)GhostofSolitude Wrote:  What, in your opinion, seperates a strong love for a species vs actually being kin to that species?

To me Therianthropy doesn't actually have anything to do with the animal. My Therianthropy is the experiences I get and this is what I struggle to explain. The animal connection is the explanation I opt for.

I think the mistake is to go out of your way looking for animals that might fit you. It's easy to feel empathy for animals (especially ones you like) and no doubt you will find a connection if you look for it (after all, we are literately related to animals) -- but that is not helpful. The more sensible approach is to look at the experiences you have and try to find an explanation for them. That explanation doesn't have to involve Therianthropy, or a particular animal, you gotta be honest with yourself.


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2020-10-18 8:36
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