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Therian talk #4 - LycanTheory on religion
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Therian talk #4 - LycanTheory on religion
Hey everybody,

The new Therian Talk is now published. Smile

Interviewer: @DustWolf

Interviewee: @LycanTheory

In this video we discuss Religion in relation to Therianthropy. LycanTheory is a Christian Therian. Special emphasis is put on providing helpful information for therians who have religious parents.

Lycan has a hearing impairment and phone anxiety so, please consider doing this interview was not very easy for him, but we got it done anyway, for you. Heart

Hope you enjoy.

Also available on SoundCloud:

- Christian Therianthropy forum (inactive):
- Therian Guide page for Parents:
- Therian Talks suggestions bin:


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2019-01-13 13:07
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