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Therian Talk #2 and the Yearbook :)
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Therian Talk #2 and the Yearbook :)
Hey everybody,

Here is the next episode of our Therian Talks radio show. Smile

Also available on SoundCloud:

Interviewer: Zefer Nezumi
Interviewee: DustWolf

Kaitsev's Journey:

You may have to register to access the following:
- Yearbook sub-forum:
- Renata's kith project:
- Therian Talks suggestions bin:

Like the show mentions at the end, I would also like to draw some of your attention to our Yearbook project:

The yearbook is -- obviously a yearly publication we make, that serves to capture what Therian Guide was in 2018 or rather how it is right now (since we don't plan to finish it by the year end exactly). So you are invited to come and leave your pawprint or other kind of mark. Smile

You may feel a little bit shy, but trust me 5 years down the line it will be great to be able to look through the old yearbook from 2018 and remember the experiences you've had here now. Wink

We will be posting a series of threads in that forum, your replies will be included in the yearbook.

Thanks again to @PinkDolphin and @Hati for their help on the yearbook design team (it looks great! But we can't show it to you yet...).


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