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My strange lil theory… reincarnation and other
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My strange lil theory… reincarnation and other
Hi guys!!! If you’re reading this, hope you’re having a good morning!! Deer Jump
Hopefully this provides a good explanation for somebody!
Now, this has to do a bit with Christianity or any religion that believes in God and Jesus Christ, however, if your religion has OTHER Gods, and at least has some “afterlife” in it, this theory is easily incorporated into it bheart
Without further ado, let’s go!!
What is my religion/belief?
Basically, I believe that everyone has a past life/s. And your soul gets reincarnated multiple times until it has seen every point of view, or every wrongdoing.
If you’re Christian, you know that Jesus experienced every sin then was reincarnated. It’s possible! It’s okay if your religion doesn’t match that too excited cat

So how would I incorporate this into my own religion?
I’m not really sure. I don’t know much about other religions as a whole, so I would like if you guys could share about them here Hyper cat

How does this relate to therianthropy even?
Well, every soul starts out with a body. It could be an animal or a human, or it could be a dinosaur or creature from LONG ago. Now, when your first body dies, the soul goes into another creature that is being born at the moment. There’s not really a way to choose which body you get. If it’s a human, and your first life was an animal, then you officially are a therian! And for polytherians, this happens if they had multiple lives before Hamster Dance
Eventually, when you have seen everything the world has to offer, good and bad, you can go to heaven. That’s it. That’s all there is. Hope that makes sense lol

2023-01-12 14:20
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