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Meditation to find kin/kith type
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Meditation to find kin/kith type
For me i feel meditation is one way to find your kin/kith type but it isn't the only way you can research, go to zoos, watch animal documentary's, read articles, their are many ways to find your identity what do you think about my opinions? Heart cat

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RE: Meditation to find kin/kith type
I feel similarly. I know that through reading and watching documentaries and the like that I, at a younger age, felt very connected to my Therian side without realizing that was what I was doing. It was meditation at a much older age and looking back on my previous experiences that helped me realize that those were also huge factors in helping me realize my Therianthropy.

So I'd say meditation, research on the topic, documentaries, animal husbandry, working in a job that requires you to deal with animals, books and media, articles. They all help and contribute to the realization of your kin/kith/therian type.

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2021-09-30 16:09
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