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Maybe everyone is a therian/otherkin?
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Maybe everyone is a therian/otherkin?
I got a theory that everyone is someone sort of therian or otherkin, or whatever other sort of kins out there. The only difference there is between us and them are that we accept our natural animal tendencies and don't try to stomp them down.

It could have a connection to how much people have pulled away from nature since over time more rules and expectations were made. There have been many accounts of civilizations and tribes making animalistic noises like howling, roaring, and of course using bird calls as signals. I'm sure there's more, but still, if these sounds were made for battle and war what other sounds could have been made?

How many of us has realized just how much we love swimming, or how good it feels to finally give in and roll around, scratch at a tree, to growl and all that? Then you slowly uncover more and more urges and tics and let them happen as they will and you start to finally feel like yourself and not like some character. It could just be the relief of not putting expectations on ourselves and just doing what we enjoy for the sake of it though.

Then if everyone is just like us than why do we, as humans, have a theriotype in the first place? I'd honestly have to guess that it's DNA based since you can't choose what your theriotype is, or personality. It'd go back to how people used to be so connected to nature if it's DNA. I've noticed that my parents do similar things as me or has offhandedly mentioned things that fit with my theriotypes.

Like,"Don't you ever just want to sleep in a tree?", "I swear I feel like I have pointy ears sometimes.", "I'd love to live in a cave."

It could all mean nothing but I wanted to share. What do y'all think? ^.^
2023-06-14 23:06
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RE: Maybe everyone is a therian/otherkin?
This definitely is an interesting theory. I can definitely think that way more people are therian/otherkin than many admit, but I don't think everyone is a therian. Pretty much everyone has some trait that another animal also is associated with, but I think most aren't therians and just display those traits. Though theriotypes being DNA based may sound far-fetched, I agree with it in some situations. While I think it is primarily personality, I do think that children of therians are more likely to show the same "therian characteristics" but of course, this could definitely just be personality. It works with some theories about therianthropy, and it doesn't with others. But of course, i'm not claiming any of this is fact or not. It's just fascinating.

2023-06-15 4:54
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