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Finance nonprofits with TG
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Finance nonprofits with TG
Hey everyone,

I have to admit to you that I'm a bit of an environmentalist in that I believe in doing things to help nature. I obviously care about the welfare of the wild counterparts of my theriotype -- wolves, but I also like to engage myself in various projects to help the natural environment in various ways.

I'm sure all of you, being therians, also believe in these same things and also want to help.

TG is primarily a community of therians and while we try to help educate people about therianthropy, we already have a purpose in this. To help nature, I found it's best to help through other organisations already working in those areas.

Obviously, you can join them and help them with your work directly. But maybe your schedule is quite full, so you can't do that, but still want to help. Having worked in the nonprofit sphere for close to a decade, I know that in many of these organisations, a bit of funding can make all the difference in actually being able to achieve things that make a real difference.

I understand that many of you are young and either don't have income or don't have enough income to really make a difference, so... let's help each other! I offer you a way to help finance to those organisations, through TG.

As you may already be aware, TG sports a points shop:

Under the "Donation tokens" section of this shop, there are tokens you can get for forum points, which will direct a part of TG's budget to a donation towards that organisation. Which tokens you get and how many is entirely up to you (they will end up in little stacks in your postbit).

Since we've been getting more other items in the points shop, fewer people have saved up for those tokens, but I'm hoping that my explaining this to you will make the difference.

Because the exchange rate between TG forum points and real-life money is quite low, some of those tokens can cost a lot of points! So, I put together a small guide to help you figure out how to earn more forum points:

In short, the easiest way to earn points is to post engaging threads in the forums, that many people will feel like replying to. Smile Just posting in the forums also counts for quite a bit of points.

When a token you've brought gets processed, you will get a little message with proof of the donation. We also sometimes get a thank you from one of the organisations and of course I'll share that with you guys.

Thank you for helping TG help nature and animals. Smile


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