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Extra points from Introductions!
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Extra points from Introductions!
Hey guys,

Times change and there's a lot of new members on TG. Because you've probably missed this, I thought of pointing this out again:
(2017-05-13 9:36)DustWolf Wrote:  I'd like to invite you to be more active in the introductions forum.

When people come in, please try to avoid pre-prepared responses, or simply stating your name. Please help them understand what we stand for here on TG, how we're a family and we talk honestly to eachother and don't lie or pretend to be someone we are not. Help them understand what therianthropy really is. And most of all, help them understand that they are welcome here.

To encourage you, posting in the introductions forum will bring you double points for as long as this campaign is active.

Also do not forget that bringing in a new member and getting them to write your TG username as a referral, will bring you a one-time 200 points boost.

Thanks for the help everybody, you are all very much appreciated.

This particular campaign is still active and welcoming people by asking them questions is still the best way to earn those precious points! Remember the people who are new to TG are always new people so it's useful to keep on asking them the same things. A little bit of interaction goes a long way.

So please put in the effort and keep up the good work. Smile


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2018-09-14 20:51
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