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Confusion about the meaning of therian
Misha Pantanal
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RE: Confusion about the meaning of therian

(2017-12-08 1:08)AutumnWolf Wrote:  hey, saw your video, so thank you for the clear explanation. I myself have thought I was therian, but my so-called theriotype, female gray wolf, departed from me and was by a brown male wolf two yeras ago. This seemed starnge to me, and I seem to have mental shifts like a therian. A friend of mine suggested I may be kith, which I jjust learned of today here on the forum. I feel extremely close to the wolf but realize I've never truly felt at all times canine. The two are separated it seems. But I have to wonder why I have mental shifts where I feel I become the wolf and return human? Is there a purpose to this, and why would a spirit animal want to move through the human body that way? I share emotions and thoughts of my wolf sle self, as he feels with me within my mind, stronger at times than others. I would like to know if anyone who shares this idea of being kith, or for me, wolf-hearted if this is what I truly am and beginning to think, have therian-like mental shifts. Mine usually last fifteen minutes for the most intense ones and less at other times when physically tired. Sometimes the shift will come over me out of nowhere like an uncontrolled wave but most times I sense it and can hold it off till I'm ready to let my wolf express himself in a safe place. I'm looking for more help how to really explore myself. Lately, I see a shadow of a wolf standing in front of me while walking or when in a shift itself in the room with me. I don't if this is a shadow of the wolf himself within me I'm connecting to but it's a new experience, sort of scary but one I want to understand. Thanks.know with

See your introduction thread, Blu and I have sent you messages.

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2018-03-05 3:32
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