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Are you a wolf therian?
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Are you a wolf therian?

This is a topic many of you who are new to therianthropy search up: Are you a wolf therian?

You are a therian if you experience animal traits or behaviours. If you do, you usually experience those of a particular animal, we call this a theriotype. This animal can be a wolf.

Wolves are for some reason the most common theriotype among online therians. There are many explanations why this might be, from theories about how wolves and humans are similar (and we are all human) to theories about how certain wolf traits may make wolf therians prefer to hang out online.

Many therians go through a phase where they think they might be a wolf therian, only to later learn they are actually some other animal.

As a wolf therian myself, I feel that the label of "wolf" is often used by people who are definitely not wolf therians. But as therianthropy is a personal and subjective experience, I have no way to know for sure. It's also true that therianthropy affects us all differently, so people may be wolf therians without having the same wolf traits that I have.

You can find out more about this by joining our community and talking with us. Smile There are many wolf (and other) therians here who are willing to share their experiences.


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