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An update to my explanation for my Therianthropy
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Theriotype: Bombay Cat
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Connection: Psychological
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An update to my explanation for my Therianthropy
I think I've posted here before but after some time of exploring my Therianthropy I've got a more indepth explanation of my experience.

My Therianthropy is due to me being/interpreting my personality and psyche as being very feline like. I Identify as a cat because of the way I interpret my sense of self. The way I narrowed down my Theriotype (Bombay cat) is by researching which cat most represents me and my personality.

I'm An Alterhuman And You Can Not Change Me
-Autumn J
2024-03-17 18:49
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Theriotype: Domestic cat, Arborii
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RE: An update to my explanation for my Therianthropy
This resonates a lot with me actually. Not my personality though, mostly my psyche and spirit, although I will have mental shifts if I get super happy, which can change my personality somewhat. Although I don't fully relate, just to that bit!

"I want to live my life, be all of it's pages. And underline that I am not an angel."

Domestic cat | Arborii (alien species) | Domestic cat, crow, parrot, and rock spirit hearted | more info in bio
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2024-03-17 19:27
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