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About these explanations
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About these explanations
Hello everyone,

This is a new subforum that aims to replace the spiritual vs psychological pages on the main Therian Guide website.

Basically, I am hoping that this will make it easier for you guys to contribute your own explanations why you believe you and other people are therians. The pages we have at the moment of posting this are rather out of date and give the impression that there are only a few possible explanations, wereas in reality: Nobody really knows and everyone has a theory.

Like Introduction to Therianthropy, this forum is public meaning members and non-members alike have access to read the pages. Try to remember that the more open and easier to access a page is, the more likely it is to help someone out there who is a Therian (and might not know it or might not wish to associate with an online community). Our goal on Therian Guide is to educate about therianthropy and therefore by having public content, we are achieving our goal.

I would like to invite you to share your theory on this forum, because I believe it might be helpful.


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2021-04-11 10:08
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