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''the soul'' = actually a result of a cause, result of a cause etc etc??
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Lightbulb ''the soul'' = actually a result of a cause, result of a cause etc etc??
Before you read this: NO HATE OR something like that on alterhuman. This is my very OWN THEORY combined with a littlebit of realistic Buddhism (Buddhism is a practice/lifestyle and NOT A RELIGION)

I believe in short that: The part that makes ''you'' --> ''you, is the part that stays the same in every life. It is your true nature. But throughout many lives, human lives, creature lives... your soul (for example color yellow) will stay yellow but it will be shaped differently trough every life you live. The core ( yellow in this case) will always be the same. The shape can be different.

For example: random quote '' My past life of a wolf, made me who I am today, but my own core was always the same and will be the same in every other future life (exept if you live a full spirit-life as a spirit).

But where I DO believe in, is that even if me myself don't have a kintype (expect for maybe a dragon), but still can be draconic. That means the core (color yellow example again) was always a dragon troughout every life. So the core (color) will be yellow/the color comes from your draconic part that is always in you.

Another thing that can be said is that the color of your core is part draconic (white for example) and the other part is (red for example) the red part can be something completely different. Like an other kintype like a wolf, cat, unicorn etc. Than the two kintypes will blend together to the new color: (pink for example)

Dragons are quit high, but at the same time, the kind of the same level as humans. Why else can everyone have a dragon kintyp? Exactly.

---You can have a draconic blessing, by one of the dragongods like the main dragongods: Tiamat, Quetzalcoatl, Fafnir and Leviathan. ---

In short the term soul: no one exactly knows what it realy is. But I peronally believe that there is a change a soul as we think of them, do now exist. Instead it is a RESULT of a CAUSE wich is a RESULT of a CAUSE etc etc....

Who knows. But realy no one knows it exactly including myself. This is just my opinion.

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Waiting for the New Golden Age in 2032 !!!
2022-11-01 17:23
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RE: ''the soul'' = actually a result of a cause, result of a cause etc etc??
That's a pretty interesting theory! Thanks for sharing it and also including some easy to understand examples
2022-11-26 14:41
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