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Theory on the soul and mind
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Theory on the soul and mind
Alright, I think it will be a good thing for me to state, with a big wall of text, what is my position on the psychological/spiritual scale. So here, you will not only view my personal opinion on the matter, but also why I came to some of these conclusions; the aime being making you all understand better what I belive, and, why not, give you some ideas Wink

As usual, all comments are welcome here. And sorry if i may seem indirectly offensive to some at times; I strongly belive all firmly rooted theories are valid; this is just mine.

So first of all, what exactly is the soul? For me, it's simply the "place" where our feelings exist, while the mind, him, is home of logical reasoning. When you do a math test, it's your mind that is at work; but when you love someone, it's your soul that is speaking.

Of course, the two often work together. But not always; else, we would not be unable to explain some strong feelings, or why we do something even though we fully know it's completely stupid. thus why I feel the necessity to separate the two; it's not a single thing, since one can work against the other.

And that's where I stand. I think that while my mind is mostly human (after all, I am still able to type here in human words, and conduct without any specific efforts reasonings I don't think a wolf would be capable of), my soul is completely on the wolf side as far as I can tell; while my way of thinking may rarely be wolfy, my way of feeling definitely is.
Maybe it wasn't always the case, but it's hard to tell; since I generally always behaved the same around people, I can't deem my feelings any other way than "normal" without something to compare it to.

As for the more spiritual matter... I have no proofs about it, and the non-existance of proof is no proof at all; both psychological theriantropy and the spiritual one aren't flawless after all:

-psychological can work, because the brain inner workings are still barely understood; but it seems weird an error, supposedly happening randomly, leads to something so specific as another animal. The odds are here, but they are so small, there should be only a handful of therians through the world, and far more people where these errors would make them completely unable to live a reatively normal life.

-spiritual is harder to explain. I did not experience anything going in this direction (unless my meditations results are actually part of this), so the best thing I can do is saying "I don't know". I don't know if anything will transfer after my death, since the only flawless way I can think of to know is directly experiencing it... and I'm in no hurry ^_^ But science already proved some really insane things are possible (look up to quantum physics, I dare you), so why not?

So there it is; while I will only bring forth psychological elements when talking about myself, I truely belive an answer in both ways is possible. If something is passed on after death, is it only the soul? A big part of the mind? Anywhere in between? How much of the informations are lost in the process, and how are new ones created? Maybe only some are able to touch to the spiritual part (due to personal talents that others may never posess), or maybe there is methods I'm simply unaware of. While it is indeed the brain work that determine how we think and feel, it's possible that it's developement at birth can be affected by some mechanism still unknown by science as we know it.

In all cases that's what I am; mostly psychological, but with the belief that a spiritual answer is indeed possible too.

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2015-09-13 13:59
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