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(2015-08-09 13:07)SilverNyx Wrote: [ -> ]You're right, Louvel it just bothers me though that they be pretenders. Louvel, I'm sorry if I caused any offense toward you. I am not against them just because they wear different clothing, I'm saying that they're basically calling themselves wolves because they're gothic. For that to be true wolves would be dark and evil. Wolves are misjudged to be evil and vicious. Through my connection to wolves I know that's not true.

Actually, goths are not vicious. I am actually goth but I embrace my therianthropy not in the darker sense of the wolf, but the misunderstood side. Most of the teen wolves had troubled pasts so when they found a group of friends who also had an interest with wolves, they formed a wolf pack and they do function like a family. They were being mistreated at home so thats why that whole thing blew up, because all of a sudden there was a goth wolf pack on campus
While I think teen wolves are childish. Pretending to be wolves and think they know what packs are. They are welcome to do what they want. I'll do what I need to do, I'll just be me. Smile

Well, I guess that's the same story I suffer when I reveal I'm a furry or a wiccan: people immediately associate me to hypersexuality or Charmed. And I just give 'em a glance and whisper "No man".
Wicca is not a superpower and furry fandom is not being unruly idiots. Wicca magic is hard and a matter of toil (I myself never use it, even in desperate occasion, and when I do I carefully plan the thing) and furry is focused onto personality.

Same for teen wolves: Produces grabbed the idea of the werewolf and charmed little pipsqueaks who wanted to be original and do "the bothers" they want. It's the same old story: take something serious and hard and make it likeable to pups, so they can ravage and deform it.
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