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(2015-09-18 16:36)Betalith Wrote: [ -> ]It makes me angry that teen wolf and wolfkin are often spoken in the same sentence. We arn't all gothic, wear leashes etc!

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Some wolfkins do wear collars.

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But not all. Its just really that teen wolf puts wolfkin in a really weird light. (Sorry to break it to you folks but we arn't werewolves. We don't physically shift. )

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Lots of misinformation being spread on either side. Not all Teen werewolfs are goth or whatnot and not all therians are Teen werewolfs. I love the idea of Teen werewolfs as I am one... But don't dress up mainly because I don't have money or the guts to face all the discrimination.
To be a Teenwerewolf is to be a pack. To be a pack means to be closer than fammilie to your pack.and finnaly being closer than fammilie means your willing to do any thing to help them
I'd probably say "bullying" rather than discrimination, but that could just be me debating semantics.
I think it's just a fad.. I was like that in middle school, grew out of it in highschool.. Still therian, just dropped the stupid antics. They're just children; annoying children. I'd rather stick to a pack of well read adults than role playing. Give them a few years, they'll grow out of it and probably look back on that in embarrassment; though a lot of people with those personality types stay the same for a long while.. Just hope they don't pollute the gene pool.
Honestly I typically follow the 'live and let live' mindset so most of the time I don't really care what they do but (there's always a but) unfortunately it paints a poor image of the therian/kin community. Not to say that they are all therian or anything but they are the ones who make it on the news, the ones which people will see the most of because the media loves a good 'story' no matter how honest it is or is not. These are the groups which sadly lead to hate from other groups and it is problematic sometimes.
Not much can be done about it though.
I am a fan of Gothic art and architecture, and have studied it as well as created pieces in that style. I always think it's sort of funny when I see someone decked in Hot Topic wares claiming to understand the Gothic style. As for being a teen wolf, I don't see how someone clipping on a fake tail and howling with their Halloween makeup wearing friends really affects true therians. Most of us are very hard to detect, and are not flaunting our true selves to the general populous. I'm sure that if someone were to mistake us for a teen wolf, the members on this site, who have a wide knowledge base of therianthropy, could easily rebuttal against a simple confusion.
Oh I know these assholes.

They seem like they're mocking therians who actually believe in this. It pisses Angry me off that they're actually calling themselves "teen werewolves", when they don't change under a full moon. When Grimwulf said that they're going through a phase, I absolutely agree that they're going through a phase.
I honestly don't have a big problem with them as long as they don't start finding this site and infesting it like locusts. Sad Even though they already influence the community in a pretty bad way, I wonder why they feel the need to show everyone in the media? Are they doing it for attention and why is Teen Wolves even a thing?
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