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The internet has much talk about teen werewolves, which really offends me. They are simply being a crude mockery of wolf therians. Teen Wolves are strangely behaved in public and bullies are getting the difference between therians and teen werewolves confused and therians are taking the blame. Teen Wolves have no connection with wolves whatsoever, and are part goth, part I don't know what else. They wear heavily applied makeup, and leashes, which especially offends me because wolves have free spirits and are not to be attached to a lead to be guided somewhere not by their own free will. Apparently the only reason they're werewolves is because they like darkness and the full moon and they can wear contacts and leashes and black outfits. But I don't know what to think of them because they probably just want to be themselves, like us. But if they are going to be themselves and be all gothic like, then they shouldn't call themselves wolves.

Oh, and I am sorry if I didnt put the thread in the right place, I didn't know where to put it.
( I don't know if I'm supposed to reply or not but here I go...? )
Well anyways, I get where your coming from, I've seen teen wolves and stuff, and I know some wolf therians that don't really like how they can get linked to them, but I mean we both know they probably don't mean bad, I mean, heck, most teen wolves might not even know what this is... And a lot of wolf therians wear collars because it may help their identification as a canine, too. (Or maybe NOT ... Idk... It's just what I've seen.)
I mean, I personally I like dark clothes and sometimes I would like the idea of sometimes wearing dark eyeliner or something just because why not?
There are probably some of wolf therians who like the gothic culture or fashion, and if that's who they think they are... I don't know how that could affect why they might be wanting to act or dress what makes THEM feel like a wolf or something.
And overall I don't know if the teen wolf thing is a trend or something, but I'm sure it didn't start with the intention of mocking wolf therians. ^.^
And it does really suck that trolls or something could mistake therians as teen wolves, but I guess that's something people are gonna have to deal with like a lot of other things, too.

Oh and also if I totally misinterpreted your post because I suck sorry ;;
I think people can do what they want, but I think it looks kinda dumb, if only because it winds up associating itself with Therianthropy, which is yuck.
I dunno if this was meant for replies either so eeeeeehhhhhh...
I don't really know much about teen wolves and it kind of bugs me that some people mistake wolfkin for teen wolves too. I believe that being a teen wolf is a phase and it's eventually grown out of. I've never heard of or even seen an "adult wolf". Teen werewolves are a thing too, just another term for the same thing I think, but my thoughts still stand for them as well. I always interpreted some of them as angry goth teens who use a wolf as a symbol of their angst. I know this isn't all of them though; some just REALLY like wolves (maybe to wolfaboo status) and associate themselves in a way that they think symbolizes a wolf; even if it doesn't.
I'm trying to find information about them from a reliable source (from actual teen werewolves, not people talking about them) and it is IMPOSSIBLE. I can't even find a definition of what it is. From what I've read on the experience project, some of them think they can actually shift but not all of them. Some did "spells" to become one and some just flat out sounded like a very confused therian. I can't find any consistency in the teen werewolf community whatsoever.
I would like to state a few things... I have worn a collar, I have and do wear heavily done makeup and ye I do wear a lot of black and like the moon n shiz. It doesn't matter if they're 'teen wolves' a lot of therians do it too (black clothes, collars ect) yes sometimes its largly offending but the majority are just wolf wannabes who should be left to play their own games much the way a pup would be.
You're right, Louvel it just bothers me though that they be pretenders. Louvel, I'm sorry if I caused any offense toward you. I am not against them just because they wear different clothing, I'm saying that they're basically calling themselves wolves because they're gothic. For that to be true wolves would be dark and evil. Wolves are misjudged to be evil and vicious. Through my connection to wolves I know that's not true.
No offense was taken, I just like to say that its not don't who wears black and has lots of eyeliner
Oh, I don't mind the makeup, as it creates a wolf eye effect, but they wear it for a different reason, which is not related to wolves.
Not all teen wolves are therians, but some therians may be teen wolves and we should respect that. It's nothing but a choice of style, no matter how ridiculous it may look to others. It's nothing that represents therianthropy.
The only time I draw the line is when they give the therian community a bad name (misrepresentation) and/or when they become cult or gang-like. Some of the infamous teen wolf packs in San Antonio, Texas are registered gangs and are to be avoided. They're known to do cult-like activities and many have commit suicide.
I personally don't affiliate myself with that sort but I occasionally wear a tail and/or collar (both were gifts) because I happen to like wearing them. But I don't fully immerse myself in that style and do not consider myself a teen wolf. I'm just a furry lol.
No, they're nothing like wolves and most of them (that I know) don't know much about actual wolves, they just think that it's a cool animal and are going through a phase. Which is okay, so long as they do no harm to themselves or others.
Gothic culture has little to do with being "dark" and "evil" and more to do with self-expression. It is a shame that they are mistaken for therians and therefore give a false representation of what therianthropy is, but feeling an affinity for a certain animal is not something that is exclusive to therianthropy. I could see how the association with night and the moon could be something that draws them to it. I don't know. As long as they're not hurting anyone, I don't see the issue with kids trying to find their niche. Being in a subculture gives a sense of community and feeling like they belong somewhere, which is something that I'm sure the majority of teenagers crave, especially going through school life.

But like others have mentioned, as soon as it becomes harmful to themselves or others is when it becomes an issue, and I can empathize with the distaste toward it.
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