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Full Version: 2018 Yearbook Released!
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I'm here to present the Official 2018 Therian Guide Yearbook to you!

Are you excited to see all the jokes, pictures, achievements and shenanigans of 2018? Are you curious about what the members of Therian Guide have done this year or are wanting to share with you?

It has been rough the past months to complete this yearbook, but with special thanks to @DustWolf, @LycanTheory and @Zefer Nezumi for their input, to @Hati for the cover image, and many more who helped here and there when I asked for some tips or ideas.. We're now able to look through the year of 2018 here on Therian Guide, and remember fun times and loveable members!

I also want to grab this chance with both paws to both announce that this yearbook includes Entire 2018 until April 2019.
And to offer my apologies for having finished it so late.

By this I'm able to offer you a PDF (see link ^) of the 2018 yearbook, images and content should all be free to use for anything that isn't being made profit of. If you want to, you can print out the yearbook at some local book company, but we do not offer this option as a site at this time.

Just like last time We'd love to ask you a few questions after you've read the book:

- What was your favourite part of the yearbook and why?
- What was your least favourite part and why?
- What else do you think should have been added to the yearbook? Did we miss anything?
- What was your favorite moment of 2018 on Therian Guide?

Just like last time.. I have a song for you to listen. A message I'd love to tell to entire Therian Guide and all it's members. You're not obligated to listen, but it's just a fun little extra.

Nobody knows how much I love you
Nobody knows how much I care
There's a big ol'e world, let's get out there and live it
Walking next to you may seem to be
just another little thing in the world you see
But the truth is it just means so much to me


Great job on this!

Thank you very much for everything you have done! Heart

My flag is for you Heart
Nice I hope I don't get caught being on TG by my parents so I can see the next one Smile
Thank you again @PinkDolphin for all your work on making this yearbook a reality!

I want to say that your work on this is deeply appreciated, the 2018 yearbook is beautiful.

In my opinion it is so much better than last years'. But it also captures the essence of what TG was like in 2018. I think you should be proud. Smile

I've been with this instance of Therian Guide forums since it's very beginning. But each year is unique in the people we meet here on TG and the flavour the events of the year take on. In the TG staff, we face the challenge of changing preferences and changing technologies each year and I think we get to say we've managed to come out on top.

It is not easy to keep pace with the changes, where all of Therian Guide used to be the website and the forums, today these things have expanded to many other platforms. And although a lot of this is just technology, I think TG of 2018 would not what it was, without the community we have built on Discord. The yearbook captures this despite the difficulty of taking a chatroom along into some kind of permanent form.

These challenges have played into other aspects of making the yearbook, the feedback we got from TG members, which PD has woven into this beautiful yearbook. We live in a time where our attention is ever more divided between the things we want to do and catching people's attention is harder than it looks. Yet, you have managed to overcome this in a better way than I could I think.

Again, thank you. Heart

EDIT: Here is a permalink if you will to the Yearbook. The link to Google above is faster, but should anything ever happen to it, the yearbook copy is here:

I’m new here, so I’m not reeaaaly in it, but it’s amazing! I can tell a lot of effort and care went into it, and the product is a really full and high quality yearbook that looks awesome! I’m definitely sticking around for next yearsSmile
Hey! Great job PD and great job everyone. This has been a wonderful 2018 and I'm so happy. Thanks so much Smile

* Hati pets PD because he is a good dog

Thanks for making this a reality. I can tell that y'all worked very hard on it. I love you all
Brilliant job PD and to everyone that helped make another fantastic year book.
This is tiny edit, so please ignore if you think it's not important.
I noticed BearX's art's credit is mine. But actually it's collabo art with mine and @MANA . I never be able to paint the color beautiful like she did.
I don't want to bother you. So please edit about it only if you want and when you can.
Sorry for disturbing by trivial thing. Sad
The yearbook looks amazing, you guys did a wonderful job.
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