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Full Version: 2018 Yearbook Released!
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@Hati I love the cover, it looks awesome! Overall, this is awesome! Heart

I should have let you know that I'm not an otter, just a wolf/werewolf for my profile page. That was my bad, sorry!

Also, for future yearbooks, I'd like to offer myself up as editor. When the project is near completion, I can look it over for any grammatical errors, if that will help?

Quote:What was your favourite part of the yearbook and why?
Badger Romance is hilarious! Seriously, somone should make @Zefer Nezumi record it being sung!

Quote:What was your least favourite part and why?
I didn't like the shoutbox message about Kinmunity, I thought it was in bad taste.

Quote:What else do you think should have been added to the yearbook? Did we miss anything?
Maybe one or two therian stories or poems?

Quote:What was your favorite moment of 2018 on Therian Guide?
The continued sense of community!

Our official sport here is fetch? Bwahahahaaa! Laugh
The graphic design on this is perfect.
(2019-04-15 14:06)elinox Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:What was your favourite part of the yearbook and why?
Badger Romance is hilarious! Seriously, somone should make @Zefer Nezumi record it being sung!

Be careful what you wish for...

* Zefer Nezumi makes ominous and cryptic sparkly sounds!

I'm glad the song brought a lotta joy! I think it's what finally brought me outta my shell in 2018! X3
I am hoping to be in the next yearbook. I bet it will be amazing just like this one.
I originally wanted to record a video as a thank you around the Therian Guide project. But this turned out to be around Therian Guide as a whole.

However, as the yearbook is About Therian Guide. And about all our shared experiences, support, jokes, friendships, between the members. I think this video fits a place here too

For any of you who helped along, in any way: Thank you
For any of you who didn't: Thank you just as much
Because I'm sure you're, too, making this place a great place for the entire therian community. Creating friendships and sharing wisdom. Because I appreciate you all, and thank you all. Simply for being here.

A bit of a late response, but lovely work on this, PD!

I don't quite have the time to read through it all right now, but I know in the coming days I'll be using my bookmarks bar when I have a spare minute. Even in the limited amount I have read, your graphic design is impeccable. I can't put into words how great and professional it looks, as well as sounds!

Astounding job!
PD you did an amazing job. Its absolutely gorgeous, well organized and its very obvious that you put painstaking care into it. Thank you so much for your hard work, and I look forward to the new year with everyone!
PD, you’re seriously an angel for putting all of this together. It looks great!
I’m glad I decided to add my small little line, I am still quite shy on these forums but since this was my first year here I am happy to be in it (: I don’t know why my account said “Nim the way” when you were putting together the roll call xD I don’t remember having that at all, must’ve been a mix up on my part because it was supposed to just be “Nim”
I am not sorry that I had a baby seal as picture though, any questioning therian would be proud to have a baby seal picture haha
I did end up reading it, and I have to say again--astounding work. Nicely organised, cleanly presented and I loved all of the sections you included!
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