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We would like to warn all of the underage visitors of our website to be careful not to trust any adults who are filrtatious or hinting at being sexual with you or meeting you in person.

We monitor this website to keep you safe, however because we cannot control what happens on other websites, but really care about your wellbeing, we ask you to understand this and keep safe everywhere.

This isn't simply another "because we said so". We know that it seems appealing, or even wonderful to gain all that attention of an adult. We also know you feel it is right to protect those who appeal to your sympathies. However keep in mind, that people who do this while being flirtatious or sexual with you, do not have your best interest in mind. They plan to use you, say all those things to make you feel sorry for them to gain your sympathies or shower you with attention if they sense that's what's required, just to manipulate you, to get what they want you to do for them -- and then discard you.

In short, they don't really love you. We do. Please be smart, say no and report them.

thanks dusty! i'll keep an eye out for weirdos..
im asexual if some talks sexual ill give thim a earful. and my girlfriend is the only one that flirts with me. >_< im not a "okay" guy im a "uh... why" guy
Uh cunning, just a reminder, you're no longer a pup
Thankyou i'll be on the lookout Smile You don't have to worry about me Wink
(2014-10-29 3:10)Nurona Wrote: [ -> ]Uh cunning, just a reminder, you're no longer a pup

Pup or not, safety is important! Smile
(2014-10-31 5:34)bubblySeadweller Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-10-29 3:10)Nurona Wrote: [ -> ]Uh cunning, just a reminder, you're no longer a pup

Pup or not, safety is important! Smile

True enough.
I remember having a dream where there was an offline meetup place. We went there and it was realllyyyy awkward.
And creepy.
I'll keep away from.
Underage user on another site was just that towards me, threatened to suicide if I didn't advance. Had to block them, I refused their manipulation I live abroad anyway.
So it works both ways, just to note due to stuff like Teleiophilia. I think you should let unsure / emotionally unstable adults be able to report that or they could get into trouble and possibly this site.
I think it's also an idea to disable PMs for those who don't state their age just as a suggestion, that way there's no invention of age on the spot and that profile checks give no excuse of misrepresentation to either party.
Some people don't want to display age, and that's alright. They don't have to. It would be a little unfair to not give them full access to the site just because of that :/ Also, Pup's have full access but we label them so because we want to protect them and make sure we can tell if certain things are appropriate. We are a friendly site for everyone, and so we try and accommodate all types.

As a side note, this thread was created in light of a recent incident we had. The older member has since been banned, but we don't like that it happened at all and admin put up this warning, letting Pup's know to be cautious and tell an admin if there are advances towards them.
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