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Full Version: Sketchtember Approaches!
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Howldy, folks!

It's almost that time again! Sketchtember is upon us!

For those of you who aren't familiar, TG coordinated a creativity event last year for the entire month of September, in which participants who demonstrated some effort to practice their artistic abilities or improve them got 10 points per day of contribution!

The 2018 Sketchtember Challenge thread can be found here and it includes some of the incredibly awesome art some of our members contributed last year!

While we call it "Sketchtember", the medium of choice doesn't have to be limited to pencil or pen; if anything, the challenge was originally meant so people could practice for Inktober (which his already a thing in the art community) after brushing up on some of the necessary skills.

Thanks to @Syraphin Faelad, the 2019 Sketchtember Prompt Ideas thread has already been created, and members are putting some good ideas in for this year! I also added last year's prompts, and we may consider giving nudges for daily prompts for those who may not be sure what they want to try.

The aim here isn't to be competitive - it's to encourage artists to become more comfortable with their skills and to encourage connection and communication as artists help each other learn new techniques, gain confidence, and grow!

If your style of art may not fall into something that sounds "sketchy", don't fear! Reach out to me and I'll see if I can work with you to hook you up with points if you desire to participate in this challenge in your own way.

The initiative here isn't to conform to anything in particular, nor is it to feel stressed about producing content - it's about making a commitment to yourself to try to test your artistic skills.

If you end up making something really cool and you want it featured on TG's social media, let us know! We may have to be selective here, so please be patient and understanding.

If you're on DeviantArt and follow TG on there, you can also submit your work on TG's DeviantArt page! Reach out to me ( @Zefer Nezumi), @Moon-Moon or @LycanTheory for us to grant you permission to contribute your art there, if you haven't been approved already!

With all that said, the 10 point per day participation incentive from last year will still apply! In order to get the points, you have to show some progress for a given day - you can post on our Creativity channel in Discord, in your own art journal on TG, on the Sketchtember 2019 thread, or even submit to me privately if you would like points but are shy about posting the content publically.

As we move along with Yearbook production, we'd like for you to consider selecting your favorite Sketchtember submission for inclusion, but it's not mandatory! Please just do your best to let us know if you would like for us to include something you submit (and we'll make sure you are credited for the work).

Any questions or concerns would probably be best handled through the 2019 Sketchtember thread, so go take a peek and if you aren't sure about something, let us know there! The 2018 thread has background information that may be helpful too, and of course you can feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Ready? SKETCH... Go-oh, you have to wait two more days. This is just to psych you all up and give you time to get whatever supplies you need. Tongue

I'll give this another bump when it's time to submit!

I hope this Sketchtember turns out as amazing as last year's. ^^

- ZN
Ah, thanks for the updated information. Looking forward to the next two 'artsy' months and hope everyone else is as well. As already said, Learn and grow from one another- don't be afraid to ask questions- happy drawing!
On your marks! Get sketch! GO! >:3
Looking forward to it! This year I'm going to try and draw a new native bird every day for the month. Good luck, everyone!
I'm going to be participating this year, after I fell out of it last year. I'm gonna be drawing a different native bird every day!

Good luck everyone, and happy sketching~
This challenge is awesome! I had no idea this existed in TG, but I sure am glad it does. I'm not a great artist, but I'll still give it a shot. Smile

As for day one...sadly, my tablet's pen only arrives tomorrow (according to the tracking information), but I'll try to draw something today, anyway. I haven't done traditional art in a while.

I can't wait to see the amazing art our members will create. Good luck, everyone, and remember: have fun! Heart
Wait what. I’m already doing Sketchtember, but I’m only a day in.
Now.. what’s this incentive uwu
(2019-09-02 4:53)Lynx26 Wrote: [ -> ]Wait what. I’m already doing Sketchtember, but I’m only a day in.
Now.. what’s this incentive uwu

We'll do the counts and the awards at the end of the month. Smile

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