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Full Version: 100 YouTube subscribers!
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Hey all,

So Youtube had a surprise for us this morning:
[Image: unknown.png]

Our YouTube channel, now also linked with an icon under Quick Shortcuts, was primarily created to help us store and easily play back the Therian Talks (podcasts) and was never intended to be anything but a repository.

However once we had the channel up, people who have never even heard of Therian Guide started finding us from YouTube search and subscribing and we now suddenly have 100 subscribers!

We would like to thank everybody who subscribed, as well as everybody here on the forums. The truth is that while Therian Talks were initially just a project by @Zefer Nezumi and myself, where we organised, recorded and edited everything, Therian Talks would never be here without all of you on the forums. We used the topics and perspectives discussed on the most popular threads on the forums and made them into a talk show.

Though people have always been shy on giving us feedback, it is my belief that since our forums are hidden behind a registration wall for privacy, the Talks have brought many of the topics discussed on Therian Guide to a much wider audience, where people from outside of the community can hear about them. I suspect thus, that the Talks have done a lot to help promote Therianthropy in the world and just let people know that we are real people -- and not just a collection of tumblrkins making up new ways to shine as special snowflakes, as people who haven't gotten to know us, often see us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to alert you of the latest episode of Therian Talks: Therian Talk #7 - What? The Howls! It was announced on our social media but never here.

As always, if you have any thoughts, I would like to invite you to our Therian Talks subforum. We would greatly appreciate any feedback, so please, post away. Smile

I didn’t even know there was a channel! You just gained another subscriber Smile
Awesome! It's good to see that the community is growing.
Congratulations on getting 100 subscribers! Smile
I’ll have to check out the channel sometime soon.
I was the 400th sub... congrats guys!
Thats awesome! Now that I know about the youtube channel I will subscribe to it right now very happy that you guys worked on this project keep up the good work! Heart cat
Heck yeah! Congrats!
That's awesome!!! I didn't even realize Therian Guide had a Youtube Channel! I will definitely be checking this out but good job and congrats Deer Love
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