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Full Version: Ban appeal procedure
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Hello everybody,

A ban appeal procedure is something we set up with the TG staff a while ago, but I feel we never talked about it publicly enough, though it has been published.

Essentially, there are 48 people currently banned on Therian Guide.

If any of them feels like they have been banned unjustly or think that the reasons why they were banned are no longer relevant, they can appeal the ban by writing an email to the staff at:

The staff will then discuss and decide, which may take several days. If the request is justified and we think our conditions have been fulfilled, the ban will be reversed.

The email address can also be used to ask for clarifications regarding the ban.

However the staff are under no obligation to revoke any ban and we make no guarantees.

Automated bans, where the page does not load are not covered here, but those should resolve themselves within 24 hours automatically.

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