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Full Version: Therian talk #6 - Theriomythics
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Hey all,

We're a little late but a new Therian Talk is finally up! Smile

@Zefer Nezumi

Interviewee: @Shuual

Zefer and myself interview Shuual about his Theriomythic identity. Shuual identifies as and experiences being a kitsune. Through the conversation, I learned that Theriomythics are a separate group from both Therians and Otherkin, however they more closely connect to the experiences of Therians.

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I'm not sure if it'll help anyone but a while ago I digged into the word 'theriomythic', talked to some theriomythics and researched the history behind the word. This all especially involved how werewolves and dragons used to simply be called 'therian', but nowedays seem to call themselves 'theriomythic' most of the time, and even get heavily grilled and bullied/.. when calling themselves a therian in some communities.

So by digging into the word I basicy discovered that until 2015-ish, this actually wasn't the case. And how an opinion and single forum, made the word 'theriomythic' be created and changed the communities view on animalistic/instinct-driven to earthen or not..

You can watch this all more detailed here, which talks about what theriomythics are, where it all changed, why it changed,..

Even tho this is a 'part 2' (link of part 1 in description), it also basicly includes all info of part 1 so you don't have to watcch that to understand this video.

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