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Full Version: Open door policy
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Hello everybody,

As you know, we have always encouraged a culture of honesty here on TG.

We've always felt that it was important, that each one of us is truthful and honest about themselves on this site. It is important in dealing with therianthropy, to be honest with yourself and others, so that you can understand your true feelings and that others can help you understand them as well.

In light of this, I would like to remind everybody, that if there is something on your mind about TG, some concern or anything at all, you can always contact anyone on the staff, including myself and @LycanTheory and just ask about it.

As you probably know, the staff works as a team and we make decisions on site moderation together. Therefore it is impossible for someone to end up reprimanded simply because something you've said made someone angry or upset. So, you can ask us anything and I promise nothing bad will happen because of it.

You can send us a Private Message here on the Forums, or you can DM us on Discord. If you don't have access to the site, you can contact us on Facebook, or use the email addresses posted on the front page of Therian Guide. We listen to everybody, including banned members.

If you message me and I am not asleep or at work, I will answer you immediately. I think something similar applies to the others. If you are a younger member and you feel intimidated talking to the staff who are mostly 30+, you can message our pup representatives: @ArchieAce
or @Hati . Smile

While we are private people and may not talk about certain topics in public, you can always ask us and we will gladly explain the truth behind things, to the best of our ability.

I hope in the future we can avoid going the route that drama usually takes, with half-truths, intrigue and "screenshots". As if a picture on the Internet can really prove anything, you know, after the invention of Photoshop.

The real proof is in your heart. Heart If you've spent some time here on TG, you know all of us. And you know what we are really like. You won't need no screenshots to prove anything.

But when in doubt, just ask us. We can explain. Smile

This is such a important post, to a lof of people. Thanks for giving us this reminder. Smile

This is great! Thanks for being there for us
Thank you for this, I find honesty important as well. Truth easily gets twisted around to lies when it goes one to one. It's better to simply contact an admin or simular if you got a problem, issue, worry, or if you got personal troubles with anyone.

I myself really believe in the admins here on this forum, I've never met as supportive, helping, open, honest,.. persons as you all. Therefore I want to encourage Anyone with Any concern to simply contact any of those persons, they'll gladly help you!

As Dust said, I'm always here to talk. I respond more on Discord, but I will ALWAYS get to your message and do my best to help anyone out. Heart
One thing I want to add to what Dust has said is that, even though the staff works as a team here, we're structured and operate in such a way that every one of us is limited by checks and balances so to speak.

Dust or I may occasionally make an executive decision if we feel time is of the essence but even those decisions we must answer to the rest of the staff and the members here, for.

While none of us are perfect, we have always tried our best and always will do our best to handle situations and make decisions based on what's best for TG members and for the greater therian community.

We want not for ourselves, we strive for only what we may give back if we are able to.

We care, to the point where it hurts us sometimes. It is a great honor to serve the community alongside such phenomenal canines, legendary bears, an amazing kitsune and even that derpy cat we've got... Heart

My point is, none of us are here to stroke our own egos or for the "fame" or recognition that comes with the titles we carry. We are here to provide, protect and serve. Ask us for something and we'll move mountains to make it happen if we can.


I feel this goes without saying. Those who take out of context screenshots/information from random sources and treat them as valuable are usually not interested in the facts to begin with. The best place to find the facts is at the source, and the source of TG - its heart - is our staff team.
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