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Hey guys,

Me and @Zefer Nezumi have recorded our first episode of "Therian Talks". Wink

A Therian Guide official podcast, intended to supplement the other therianthropy-themed podcasts, for those of you who prefer to listen than to read:

Forgive our slightly amateurish beginnings here. Wink It's the first time for us too. Future episodes will perhaps be more coherent.

The discussion thread for it is here:
Interviews: What kinds of things should we discuss?

You might also have noticed that the Forums and the Website now both have these fancy backgrounds.

The backgrounds are automatically selected from your suggestions in the "Therian Guide backgrounds" thread.

Each background is the same for everyone and sticks around for a day.

Today's background in full format is...

[Image: background.php]

If you prefer the look of gray concrete over these beautiful sights of nature, there is a button to turn it off in the upper right corner of the page.

(2018-12-03 18:37)DustWolf Wrote: [ -> ]If you prefer the look of gray concrete over these beautiful sights of nature


I laughed harder than I should >¬<

When dusty gets spicy Tongue
I personally love the background. ^_^ As soon as I logged in and saw it I actually felt calmer. I also enjoyed Therian Talk! I'm excited to hear more. Big Grin
Love the new backgrounds so much, going to listen to the podcast later. Great job!
Good going guys, enjoyed listening and look forward to more in the future.
Listening now, Love it!
I'd love to contribute to it someday for sure.

Love the idea.
I still have to get used to the backgrounds.. I'm super used to the previous calmer look hha. So I turn it off and on depending on how I feel atm. Good idea eitherway!

- I imagined Dust's voice lower haha -

Also, I've added it to my 'helpfull therian videos' playlist at the front of my channel page.

That was a nice job. Dusty does well as an interviewer.
(2018-12-04 17:11)PinkDolphin Wrote: [ -> ]- I imagined Dust's voice lower haha -

The pitch of my voice tends to depend on how I see myself -- as dominant or subordinate (one of the many degrees). When I am tackling things where I know what I'm doing, my voice can be like super bassy, but in this case, where I was just trying to please big Zef I sound more whiny-pitched and playful, haha.

One of the funky things about how my therianthropy affects me. Tongue

Hey guys,

If you would like to leave some feedback on the Therian Talks, but don't want it to be public, you can do so on the internal thread:

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