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Full Version: A humble request
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Hey everyone,

TG and it's members have often lain claim to being a lot like a family and one of the roles of a family should be helping to support each other when the chips are down.

One of our members, LouGarou, has selflessly devoted her life to giving everything she possibly can to those less fortunate. In this particular case, she's made a positive impact in the lives of thousands of dogs, wolf dog hybrids and coydogs that would otherwise have never known the joy or comfort of a loving home or a habitat that meets their needs. She's also offered other members here a free ride to wherever they may need to go and a place to stay for a night or two when they've found themselves displaced.

Because of the sacrifices she was willing to make, she placed herself at a disadvantage and in a circumstance where she couldn't enjoy sharing her life with a canine companion of her own until recently.

Just as quickly as LouGarou and Leica forged an inseparable bond with each other, tragedy struck and Leica has fallen very ill. Lou, being the hero that she is, absolutely refuses to give up on her best friend and TG is going to stand with her through the storm. As a thank you for being a great member, in recognition that she's devoted her life to helping the very animals that many of us identify as and last but not least, as family.

Leica's vet bill has already exceeded $2,700 and may likely approach $4,000 quickly so at this time, We'd like to humbly request that anyone with some spare change laying around or a couple of dollars, please consider helping out someone who has gone so far out of their way to help others, both canine and human alike.

Here's the link.

Thank you all for reading.

Aww I wish I could help out Sad
Lou has been a devoted coyo to both the canines and other creatures of TG and the canines of her amazing sanctuary. Sometimes i wonder how she does it. Im wishing the love of these canine besties to live on <3
I'll spread this around on all my social media platforms! I hope everything goes well.
Gave what I could, really hope Leica will get well <3
Posting this on behalf of LouGarou.

Leica is eating a little and seems to be gaining some strength.

Lou is very greateful to everyone who's been supportive, in every sense.

I hope and pray this story has a happy ending.


Donated. Keeping fingers crossed.

Donated some money.
I'd donate if I had the money, but as little as they're worth, I send my best wishes!
I donated some money. I know what it's like having to lose a wolf dog's life so early: that will not happen here, not on my watch.
Hopefully Leica will get better soon.
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