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Full Version: You can't choose your theriotype
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This thread exists because people Googled "you cant choose your theriotype" and found us. I thought I'd comment on this.

Although this has been discussed to some length, many of us believe that a person is somehow born a therian and there is nothing you can consciously do during your lifetime to become one or change your theriotype.

For us, our theriotypes aren't something we'd choose. Of course some of us are proud of our therianthropy and therefore by extension, of our theriotypes, but our theriotype and our therianthropy is just something we've discovered about us that we have no control over.

Of course therians sometimes do not know exactly which animal their theriotype is and some of them will even will "try on" different theriotypes until they've found the correct one.

There were people who'd join this site and end up radically changing their theriotypes once a week. While I am not the one to judge about these matters, and I suppose everybody has their reasons, I think we can agree that this was not entirely healthy or sensical to act in this way. Many people mistakenly believe themselves to be wolf therians when discovering therianthropy, but manage to narrow it down to the correct species in a few tries.

This is perhaps in stark contrast with what is the norm in some Tumblr communities, however, as the title states, actual Therians do not choose their theriotypes.

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