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Full Version: Habitational name for therianthropy
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This thread exists because people Googled "habitational name for therianthropy" and found us. Huh?! Man the things people google sometimes! What even is a "habitational name"?

Wikipedia Wrote:Location (toponymic, habitation) names derive from the inhabited location associated with the person given that name. Such locations can be any type of settlement, such as: homesteads, farms, enclosures, villages, hamlets, strongholds or cottages. One element of a habitation name may describe the type of settlement.


Well, honestly, I don't think Therians live in a specific type of housing. We are after all... people... and people live in different places...

Okay, this is a bit of a joke entry, but at least we have that answer covered too!

Cool project, Dust. I've never known of a website reaching out like that.
We do our little bits, to make sure the site is what people are looking for. Smile

UHM, DUSTY, we do have a habitational word....

a mansion.

the TG Mansion.


ummm but i high key want that to actually happen at least for a while LOL

I be rentin mansions for the rreaal party animals!!
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