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Full Version: How many people in texas define themselves as therians
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This thread exists because somebody Googled "how many people in texas define themselves as therians" and found us. I thought I'd answer the question.

Therian Guide keeps a map, where people who most likely define themselves as Therians, are given an opportunity to place a pin to define their approximate location.

The current number of pins placed within the territory of texas is: 14.

While it is true that this is probably not the total number of therians in Texas, USA, it gives you a general idea.

Even assuming half the people in Texas who are Therians don't know how to use the Internet and half of those who do and find Therian Guide, choose not to give up their location, given Texas' current population, the odds that a random Texan is a Therian are 0,0002%.

There are not very many of us Therians.

I've known several therians from Texas over the years, none of whom are on TG. It raises the question of how much of the population really is therian.
Honestly, this is my biggest statistical headache. There are ways to estimate sizes of populations without having access to the whole population (for instance, catch and release methods in ecology) but I can't figure out how to use any of them with the therian community.
Oh hey I'm in TX. Now I'm curious as well.
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