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Hey guys!

December is here and the winter holidays are just behind the corner. We'd like to invite you to participate in our game. Smile Nominate a member of TG for the member of the year! Big Grin

The rules are simple: You cannot nominate yourself, and each one of you can only nominate one person each. To nominate someone, reply in this thread.

Nominations will be open until the 15th (2017-12-15), after which voting will begin.

The winner will get a huge point boost that they can use to buy something they wanted to have from our points shop. Smile (We will also be adding more free goodies to the Points shop itself.)

I nominate Cuddles he is always there for me when I am down even though I do not know I am down myself. He is always fun to talk to, and I know if we knew each other in real life we would be best friends.
I nominate SheilaGrace. She has had my back for a long time and i'm sure im not the only one, she's a good friend and works hard for the ones she cares about.
I nominate @StarDolphin as she has been such an amazing friend who was there ever since the beginning. Catching me when I fell, helping me find out what and who I was. Smile Best cetean friend ever! Heart
Edit: other than that she doesn't just help me, but also the whole site and helps both new and older members whenever they need someone.
I nominate @DustWolf . He made snoutbox-Discord bridge, and fixed snoutbox's character code to UTF-8 to support global languages. I really appreciate and admire his technical effort.
Thank you Dusty! Heart
I nominate @PinkDolphin
@Cuddles !!! Big Grin

The meme king of TG Tongue
I want to nominate @WolfVanZandt who I think has been a great positive influence on this forum since he joined just a few months ago. He has so many fantastic posts and threads and he really cares about delving into the scientific side of things. Every time I see him reply on something, I know he's about to spit some truth, or at the very least, shed some light on an aspect of therianthropy that I hadn't already considered. He's also donated to the site which is awesome. I think he's totally deserving of MOTY!
My own voice goes to Sheila.. she's just so kind to everyone Heart
Agree with all of the other nominations, but I also want to throw @SnowFall to the mix. Such a sweet person who is always greeting the newcomers.

TG has way too many awesome users, voting is going to be painful. bheart
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