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As you may have noticed, we have introduced a new subforum, for Fictionkin.

Some of our members are fictionkin and because we don't want them to feel unwelcome, we've prepared a place for them to discuss this aspect of themselves.

However, Therian Guide, as the name says, is primarily a forum for discussing Therianthropy. The Fictionkin experience is substantially different from Therianthropy in many ways, and therefore to avoid confusion, we kindly ask everybody to confine discussion on that subject, to the the Fictionkin board.

Thank you!

What would be classified as Fictionkin if I might ask? Story/game/tv animals/beings?
Aww Dusty thank you for being so considerate ^w^ This made my heart feel good. I'm a Fictionkin (Kinda in the closet to the public though). I wouldn't have issues using the Otherrkin board if I needed one to use but....thank you! Big Grin It just makes me feel good that you wanna make us feel welcome
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