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Full Version: Therianthropy Day 2017
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Today is the first full moon of November, 2017. The first full moon of November has been a sort of de facto "Therianthropy Day" since the mid 1990s. It was when, 23 years ago, on the weekend of November 19 & 20, 1994, the first official AHWW howl was held.

I was unable to attend it, although I did make the two that followed. I was a broke college student and had no transportation at the time. It was fun reading the post-howl reports on the newsgroup, though.

I always felt it was a good time to have an official celebration of therianthropy, since the AHWW newsgroup itself was created in November, 1992. Very momentous for therians, November is.

It was first proposed as a sort of holiday in March of 1996, in this thread on AHWW, should you want to investigate the history. Ultimately, AHWW decided to use it, and it stuck. It went through a few iterations of names, "International Werewolf Day", and then the less species-specific "Awereness Day" (since were is the older term for therian), and after the term therianthropy caught on, "Therianthropy Day".

So, happy "Therianthropy Day". Hope it's a good one.
My last day on the job. What's not to love?

Oooh I thought this was just something that the preteens in the community started as an excuse to feel special (like on Instagram there's "therian pride friday" and there's been numerous attempts at making therian pride days throughout the year). I didn't realize that this one actually had history!

I'm attending a pseudo-convention thing today so I guess that'll be my celebration Smile
Happy Therianthropy Day! I might sleep all day today because I stayed up all night. Though if the full moon is bright tonight, I may head outside and have some fun with any shifts I get. Big Grin

Have a fun Therian Day Guys!!!

Thanks for the great information BearX!!
That's really interesting and neat, thanks for sharing that with those of us who didn't know. Smile
I actually had no idea this was a thing until my friend (who's also a therian) showed me an instagram post by Therian Nation. I think we might be doing somwthing to celebrate today, although there isn't much besides rocks around here Laugh It's been awesome having a therian friend irl. Hope everyone's having a good day! Heart
I originally caught wind of this day's significance from Ulfrvif via Therian Nation. Heart I have had a lovely day so far, giving my shifty side some attention. Excited for the full moon tonight. Hope everyone has had a good day!
Yeah! We have a holiday! I hope everyone's holiday is going good. As for me, I'm just doing homework Sad. But I got to let out a few howls.
Happy theriantrophy day everyone! Wink
Happy therianthropy day! Smile
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