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Hey guys,

Some members have mentioned their desire to have an easy system for monthly donations to TG, so we made a TG Patreon!

In case you're unfamiliar with this, it's basically a system where you link in your Paypal and send us, say, $5 every month, without much effort. The system is used by many artists worldwide to make a living, while we will use it to make the merch and donation tokens cost less points.

In case you didn't know, I dedicate $20 every month to our merch & donation token system, as well as about 9$ a month to keep the servers alive. @BearX and @LycanTheory also occasionally support us in this manner, and @SheilaGrace has graced Wink us with some pretty big donations. Big Grin Contributing is of course not required, but if you can afford it, every little bit helps. Smile

If you wish to contribute in items rather than money, there's a little offer down in our Marketplace you might be interested in.

Hope you like! Heart

Added supporting TG on my personal Patreon account. Smile
I really hope it'll work well ^_^
Question to everybody who hasn't pledged support yet: Would you pledge if there was a way to pledge less than $5 a month?

I think some of young members don't have their credit card or paypal. Holding Patreon account and supporting someone is basically difficult, I think.
So I think it is good for you to see this project through long term. Temporally purchase or payment is relatively easy, but constant financial support is harder than it. And we haven't do enough campaign on the out side of TG. I think it is too early to judge the result of this project.

I'll keep support this project, and keep effort on my own account as well. Let's share the tips to improve both of our situation. ^_^

(2017-09-15 9:04)DustWolf Wrote: [ -> ]Question to everybody who hasn't pledged support yet: Would you pledge if there was a way to pledge less than $5 a month?


as I'm under 18 currently and by parents unable to make monthly donations to something like 'just a site' (however they support me as a therian), No.

BUT once I turn 18 (next year) I have power over my own money, and I do plan on making monthly donations in that case. I think that, if my job still doesn't pay much, less than €5/month could help me to atleast do SOMETHING without using half of the money I currently earn each day.
So in that case: Yes.


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