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Hey everyone Hello

Some of you may be wondering why I'm posting a virtual get well card on the announcements and to whom.

As many are aware, I met up with BearX, Baumarius, Skarlath and Grizzlyfate (aka Burr) at Anthrocon this year and, amongst other things, we became heavily involved participants in IARP'S therian research endeavors. They were even kind enough to take us to dinner! Nom

Now before I get ahead of myself, IARP stands for International Anthropomorphic Research Project, who's page can be found here.

While their primary interest has been the furry fandom, they've recently shifted some of that interest toward therianthropy with a focus on helping provide clinicians with the right information, helping us overcome stigma associated with identifying as non-human and, of course, helping us further our understanding of ourselves and our identities.

So... Getting to the point of this thread, all of IARP'S researchers, associates and assistants were freakishly (in a good way) welcoming, open minded, considerate, respectful and above all else, they took us and our experiences very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that one of IARP's founding researchers, Dr. Sharon Roberts, went well out of her way to secure a ludacris amount of funding so that IARP can continue and expand both furry and therian research for years to come.

Sharon is someone who's dedicated her education, her career and her life to helping others. More often than not, those she's chosen to help are those who've been outcast by society, those who are often shunned, overlooked or dismissed. She's one of few brave trailblazers who have made IARP and credible, respectable, trustworthy research into therianthropy possible.

Not long after Anthrocon, Sharon was diagnosed with a serious medical condition which could have potentially been fatal. She was hospitalized and treated and is now at home, in recovery, where she's expected to recover in full. She's not supposed to use electronics or work until the end of the month at earliest.

The reason I'm putting this get well card in announcements is because Sharon doesn't have an account here (yet Wink) and I can send her a link via email to view this thread as a non-member.

So, without further adieu. Sharon, on behalf of myself and the entire Therian Guide community, we wish you a speedy and full recovery! Big Grin



Please feel free to write your own post/sign below.
This brilliant idea brought to you by @StarDolphin
Thanks for all the hard work, a d wishing you a speedy recovery!
Yep! Dr. Gerbasi gave me an update about you when i asked about the survey gifts, and i would love to wish you well ^_^

Heart Orca
Dr. Robert's, or Shazzy....


Made an art thread in the creative section for dicussion of drafts lol

I redirected them to post their final artwork here Heart
Get well soon and thank you for all of your hard work! Smile
I hope you'll feel better soon and have a speedy recovery. I can't thank you enough for all the great work you've done so far. ^_^
Get well soon, Dr. Roberts! You and the other IARP folks are bringing much needed understanding to the therian/otherkin community. I pray you make a speedy and complete recovery!
[Image: 24121.gif]
Wishing you well here, Dr. Roberts! You and your work are greatly appreciated. Have a couple of virtual bearhugs to help speed your recovery!
Get well soon Sharon and thank you for all your work!
~Bee Deer Run Deer Love
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